Parents are ready and waiting to buy what you offer. I want to help you reach them…

Welcome to Digital Bon Bons

I love it when a plan comes together

And so will you!

Hi, I’m Maxine – a digital marketing and strategy expert PLUS your target customer.

In 2014 I was a new parent. I wanted what you were giving, I needed you.

You helped me create my dream nursery. You kept me feeling comfortable in maternity wear while growing a human. You made me feel at ease approaching my birth. You gave me the confidence as a new parent to get out the house and attend your classes.

You were my parental life saver!

I found businesses, like you, that catered just for me and our girl.

My Why!

I want to help you!

Running your own business is tough, I know exactly how you feel when it comes to the never ending to-do list and overwhelm.

When you are your team it’s hard to take a step back, re-evaluate what’s working and form a plan of action to get more sales, build a following and grow your business.

That’s where I come in.

I want to help you get seen online by your target customer, have higher turnover, grow an authentic following and feel confident in your digital marketing activities – all by having a clear, comprehensive strategy. 

What clients say…

“Loved working with you!  Sometimes digital services can be a tad patronising and confusing and I loved your down to earth advice and approach. It was a bit like getting some really excellent advice from a great mum friend in the coffee shop. I think the dual screen way of working is really valuable and the whole session felt very productive and packed with info.”

Penny – Owner of Ninery
A dedicated online store for mums and mums to be

How I can help YOU!

“Meet the Parents”
Digital Strategy Launch Pad

You’ve just started your business, got your website….now what?!?


This is for you if:

You’ve just created your website, started to build a following on social media BUT you’re not sure what’s next on the agenda or how to prepare your marketing for launching your business.

“Parental Guidance”
Digital Strategy Mastermind


Your business is 18 months to 2 years old and you feel stuck.

This is for you if:

You have done everything yourself from creating your website, managing your social media and your email marketing.

You’re feeling stuck and feel now is the right time to invest and get an expert looking at your business to take you “to infinity and beyond”.

1:1 Digital Marketing Consultancy & Coaching

You need a sounding board and advice.  

Having your own business is very similar to becoming a parent for the first time, we’re all pretty much winging it aren’t we?

Much like parenting, we all need a helping hand sometimes, a person to listen to us and give the friendly advice we need.

Want to learn in your own time?

If that’s the case I have the PERFECT option for you just below here…

Go on scroll, you know you want to.

What would you say if I said you could feel confident with your digital marketing AND have a solid strategy in place in 8 weeks?



I am 100% confident that you can learn how to be ace at your digital marketing, and nope I don’t just mean Social Media, I mean EVERYTHING – from knowing and understanding your own website a lot more, getting to grips with stats and using them to your advantage, creating emails that make people click open, having a solid strategy for your business PLUS a plan of action to make it happen and yep…also winning at connecting with your audience on social media.

Sound good?

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