Ready to get strategic and intentional with your marketing?

You are in the right place!


It’s time to stop winging it.
Stop treading water.
And discover what it feels like to…


Is this you in your business right now?


  • You’re struggling to know where to focus your attention and reach the right people.
  • Making time to do your marketing is getting super tricky.
  • Fear holds you back and stops you from showing up consistently.
  • You feel you’re relying too much on one marketing activity without any real clear goals or plan.



Don’t worry lovelies.


This maybe how you feel right now, but it doesn’t have to be your forever story when it comes to your marketing, We can work together to turn that around for you. 


Imagine waking up knowing that your marketing
aligns with your goals!

How good would it feel to sit at your desk knowing your focus for the day?

“Oooh that does sound good”


It does doesn’t it?

No more scrabbling around and marketing last minute.

No more sitting scrolling through Instagram instead of finding and attraction your ideal clients.

No more procrastinating and loosing focus.

No more relying on referrals to grow your business.

You are…


A female solopreneur who’s ready to invest in her business.

A B2B service based business working with amazing clients.

A VA, a Coach, a Branding Designer or a fellow Marketer (just some examples).

If that’s you, then who am I?


I’m Maxine, Digital Marketing Strategist.


Using my 12 years + experience of both small business and corporate marketing I love working with fellow business owners, like myself, who want to grow and maintain a sustainable business.

Forget the “shoulds” and wondering what other people are doing, offering, providing – what do you want in your business? For you and only you.

I want to help you align your goals with your marketing so that you are being strategic and intentional with your time and energy.

Working together to market your business online.


Thrive Online




You and me working together to create a strategy that aligns your marketing to your goals. Perfect if you are wanting on-going support, expert eyes on your activities, guidance and a splash of coaching to boost your confidence.

Boost Online



These 60 min intensive sessions are perfect for a boost to get you back on track. Perhaps you want to talk through an idea for an email marketing opt-in, or need to know if you’re ticking the SEO boxes. These sessions can help with that.

Happy Clients, Lovely Words

“I was really struggling with having the confidence to push my email marketing forward. I literally had one session with Maxine and she just got everything to click in my head! She broke it all down and gave me some really simple action steps which allowed me to see things more clearly. A week later, I’ve launched my own newsletter, increased my email audience and my engagement is on the up! I’d definitely recommend her.”


Sasha Gupta – Cheeky Zebra

“I chose to work with Maxine because she had thorough knowledge of online marketing.Within a couple of months of Maxine reviewing my website I started to get enquiries from clients finding me on google. Working with Maxine was really easy. Because of the additional marketing effort that Maxine bought to my business, I was able to diversify my income streams and turn a seasonal business in to a multi-brand business that brings in money all year round.


Rowan Williams – Parrot and Pineapple