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can feel confident doing

Welcome to Digital Bon Bons

You’re a business owner and you absolutely love what you do. You create something out of your passion each and every day – you have got this down.

I want you to feel the same about your marketing, about reaching your customers and growing your business baby.

Being a business owner is tough right? There are the never-ending to-do lists and that feeling of never getting enough done and don’t even get me started on the big slap of guilt we put on ourselves when juggling parenting and our businesses.


I want to help parent-run businesses like you establish a plan of action, gain the confidence you need and the knowledge to power your marketing and reach your audience online.

Audit your digital marketing in 7 steps

with my 20 page guide

About Me

Self Confessed Digital Geek

Hi, I’m Maxine and yep that’s me. I am completely geeky about organic online marketing. I’m the person who loves analytics, audits and stats – but the other side of me is also about the creative, the design, the fun, the content…the imagination. So you could say I have the best of best worlds.

I launched this business in 2016 because I wanted to help other business owners see their digital marketing as fun and not something to be overwhelmed by – I do not have time for that in my life and I don’t want you to either.

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Helping parent business owners to excite, delight and thrive online

Mpower Mums in Business National Award Finalist 2018

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Lovely Clients

“Loved working with you!  Sometimes digital services can be a tad patronising and confusing and I loved your down to earth advice and approach. It was a bit like getting some really excellent advice from a great mum friend in the coffee shop. I think the dual screen way of working is really valuable and the whole session felt very productive and packed with info.”

Penny – Owner of Ninery
A dedicated online store for mums and mums to be


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