Parents are ready and waiting to buy what you offer. Let’s help them find you…

Welcome to Digital Bon Bons

Providing digital marketing for businesses focused on the little people in our lives.
For business owners like you, who keep thinking:

“There’s so much to do to get attention from my ideal parents online…I simply don’t have enough time!”

“How am I ever going to connect with the families I want to? I don’t know where to start with social media…”

“I wish my website looked like that. I’m desperate for my business to look as amazing as my dreams for it.”

Sound familiar?

Hurray! Then you’re in the right place. I know exactly how to help you.

Maxine Kerley Digital Bon Bons
As a parent myself, I’m able to think about your online objectives as a digital marketing expert and your target customer.

“We are so much better informed and have hugely enjoyed working closely with Maxine…thank you so very much, we are eternally grateful for your time and hours upon hours of work!”

Louise & Kate Owners | Craft & Crumb

Ready to grow and be seen?

At Digital Bon Bons, I’m passionate about helping your business thrive by connecting you with parents who’ll love you. The type of parents who are excited to engage with you and, ultimately, BUY. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in a business for a while, I’ve got digital marketing services to match.

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You’ve been in business a while and are ready to
expand your digital reach and boost your online reputation

Business First Steps

Your business idea is new and precious. You’re ready to invest and ensure the best for it online from day one.

“Maxine is a really professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with. She advised on what needed improving and how to structure and plan better strategically going forward. I would highly recommend Digital Bon Bons to anyone who may need some help with any digital marketing.”

Katie Owner | Tommy & Lottie

How I can help

Cut out the learning curve of making an impact online; I offer a mix of digital marketing services to help you establish your web presence and successfully connect with the exact type of parents you are targetting.


Advising you on how to create attractive, mobile-ready websites that busy parents will want to use.


Set-up, strategy, or management – I can help you grow a loyal community on the right platforms.


Let’s convert your followers to customers, right inside their inbox. I can help with ideas and implementation.


Get a grip on all things digital. Together we can create a digital strategy to help you thrive.

Digital marketing on a shoe-string?

I understand not everyone launching a kids/family start-up can afford to outsource their digital marketing – particularly when raising a family themselves. Which is why I offer plenty of free tips and advice on the Digital Bon Bons blog and social media channels.

Take a look now:

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