1-2-1 Sessions

Want to talk to someone, chat through your ideas or have training to make sure your digital marketing activities are reaching your parent audience?


Then these are the sessions for you. 

I know being a business every penny you have goes into making your business great, so you don’t always have the budget for larger audits or strategy sessions. Sometimes you might just want a 1 or 2 hour chat with someone to make sure you’re on the right page and can talk through your ideas of things you want to try or how to progress the business on. Perhaps you just want a little bit of training to go from winging it to making it. These session were created for you.

Social Media 1-2-1

We love it, we hate it – it’s like the paint stain from trying out those new glitter paints with your child that day that just wants to stick no matter how much Vanish you throw at it.

Social Media is here to stay and as businesses we need to know how to stay ahead of the changes and always keep our audience wanting more.

These sessions are perfect if you want to talk through your current Social Media challenges, need some help planning your content or want tips and advice on how to improve your engagement.



What’s included

–  You’ll be given a Social Media Workbook – to help get me up to speed with your current activity, goals & challenges.

2 hour training session*- we’ll talk through your challenges, ideas and you’ll finish feeling confident and ready to take on the Social Media world for your business.

*If you are local to the Kent area or a 30 minute commute these sessions can be done Face to Face.

“I really enjoyed the session, and found it very useful and informative. I liked how it taught me the tools required so that I could learn and apply them myself, rather than just giving me a set of instructions to follow without understanding them. Working with you was a delight, I found you put me at ease quickly and took plenty of time answering my questions.”

Becky – Rumpuspuss

Chat over Tea

You don’t want a big session, you simply want a little chat to talk about your current frustrations, what’s working, what isn’t and how you can move your business forward. 

I know from being in my own business that just talking to someone about what’s on my mind is a big help. You can offload, play around with an idea and get some honest feedback. This session is designed for exactly that.

It’s really informal, we’ll have a 30 min Skype or Zoom chat over a cuppa and chat through what’s on your mind. 



What’s included 

You’ll be given a mini questionnaire so I can learn more about you and we can make the most of our chat.

I really enjoyed it and found out some really useful tips that I have put into place. Maxine got in touch not long after I first made contact and from after looking at the Instagram page and then the website I just knew I wanted to work with her! I feel like I have taken more time planning my posts and my content since the session and thinking more about my email campaigns.

Danielle – Milk ‘n’ Fizz

“Getting Started” Digital Strategy Session

You’ve got your plans and you’re ready – you’re ready to really tackle online marketing for your business, but you’re feeling stuck – “where do I start pulling it together?”

I know that having a strategy in place can really help your business soar. Bringing all the digital marketing elements into one plan and seeing how they can work together and support each other can really help your business reach its audience. It’s becomes a powerhouse of activity and means you always know what your goals are and how you are going to achieve them.

Working together we will go through your ideas, what you want to achieve, your current plans for your platforms and how we can bring them all together into a strategy you can follow with confidence.



What’s included 

You’ll be given a Digital Strategy Workbook which includes ‘Questions To Get You Thinking’ about your business and your digital objectives.

 75 minute Skype Session in which we will: look at the importance of having a strategy, talk through your workbook, form a plan of action together and look at a planning template you can use again and again.

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