1:1 Digital Marketing Consultancy & Coaching

“Whoah…I have a business, it’s just hit me!”


I think we’ve all been there. Much like when you first come home from the hospital with your newborn and you look at them and think “Oh my Goodness…things just got REAL”.


It’s the same when you have your own business. Whether you’re doing it full time or managing a juggle between another job and your business – oh and let’s throw some parenting on top of that as well shall we? Just for poos and giggles!|

It’s tough right? I think the hardest thing I have found since becoming a business owner is being in my own team. They say there is not “i” in team, but sadly when you are on your own there very much is just one little “i” doing it all.

But I want to change that.

I don’t want you to feel alone in your business, I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed with how much you have on your to-do list. I want you to feel happy, confident and in control.

“I don’t have a clue what I’m doing…”


No worries, because lucky for you I know exactly how to help.


I am a complete self confessed “Digital Geek” and I’m okay with that, I accept that looking at stats, thinking of content ideas, examining website design and yes even SEO brings a smile to face.

It’s because of this that I started my business and most of all why I wanted to help businesses like yours, because you focus on the things that matters most to me – my family. You cater for me & my husband as parents, provide amazing things for our daughter Ava or help us as a family unit.

And now I want to help you.

“…like getting some really excellent advice from a great mum friend in the coffee shop”.

That’s what I want out experience of
working together to be like.

I want to be your friend with know-how that you can talk through your ideas with and finish feeling inspired and ready to go!


It’s a crazy world out there, getting seen online, especially by time-poor parents who need to make snap decisions, need something to brighten their day, or lose some twilight hours while lying on the toddler’s bedroom floor and your “feed of joy” is keeping them sane (before they ninja roll out of there – we’ve all done it).

I want to help you feel confident with your Digital Marketing – it’s that simple!

What you can expect from working with me as your

Digital Marketing Coach


I will give you back the precious gift of time because you will stop spending those countless hours wondering if you’re doing the right things. I want to give you back the time you spend googling or in Facebook groups trying to find answers to simple questions or whether an idea you want to try will work or not.



Confidence can be the biggest issue that holds us back from trying new things. You have fab ideas bubbling away and I want to listen to you.  I want to listen to your thoughts, worries, wobbles, ideas and then help you feel confident and inspired to move forward.

How can we work together:

“Look Who’s Talking”
3 months Coaching


This is for you if:

You feel like you’ve lost your mojo a bit when it comes to your marketing. You might be feeling a bit “blah” about posting on Social Media and generally the daily grind of trying to get your business in front of parents is getting you down.

Well no more – that stops right here.

Think of me as your Digital Fairy “Mojo” Maker – because I will get you back on track and loving your business again.

What’s included:


60 min “Knowing Me, Knowing You” Call
The first thing we will do is have a nice virtual brew and a friendly chat over Skype, because I want to hear all about your business – tell me everything.

60 min “Goal Setting” Call
I’m here to help you think about what you want to achieve, let’s get those ideas down and turn them into goals for your marketing.



30 min “Get Creative” Call
This is probably my most favourite because this is where we talk through ideas for your content and delivery.

60 min ” Focus” Call
Let’s have a check in with how it’s been going since that first month, what you feel is working and what isn’t.



60 min “Virtual High Fives” Call
Our final check in to see how things are going, how you feel and any other ideas you want to talk about.



“The Pacifier”
1 hour sessions

 This is for you if:


Sometimes we just have wobbles, they come from out of nowhere and when they hit us they hit us hard. They can knock our confidence and suddenly what we’ve been posting out on social media, or the way we’ve been talking about our brand doesn’t feel the same anymore.

If you are suffering these wobbles these sessions are perfect for you because quite often we just need to talk things through with someone who knows, who gets us and knows what we are trying to achieve (coo-ie).

I want to be your Digital Cheerleader – I am in the corner rooting for you and most importantly I have here to help you get past these wobbles of confidence and help you to feel inspired again.


How the sessions work


They take place via Skype or Zoom.

In the hour we can discuss anything you want in regards to your Digital Marketing, it might be a How to, or advice on an idea – it’s your session and I will help you every way I can.



How do I book?

You can book your sessions using my calendar here, just find the date and time you want, book, pay and your in the diary!






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