What makes a website?


Your website is your virtual shop window whether you have an online store that sells products or services. It is where people will come to find out about you, what you do but most importantly how you can help them. How are you going to solve their challenge?

Think about it we make decisions on what we see, feel and read so you want to make sure your website is going to convert and for that you need to know what your websites goals are. Once you know this you’ll know how to make it work to achieve those goals.


1. What do you want your website to do?

It may sound obvious but actually a lot of people when they get started don’t think about what they want their website to do. Primarily it’s to make money – it’s to sell, we want to sell stuff to people. So you need to think about your goal priorities and then work on how your website will support those. 

For example – selling is our number one, so it’s really important that we have a user friendly shop function (if a store) or our services and how to book those are really clear (if a VA, marketer, coach). 

Next you might to focus on brand awareness and getting your expertise out there so you’ll need a blog function so you can regularly share your genius with your audience. 


2. Visibility

Your website NEEDS to get found. You need to drive visitors to your website to not only increase your brand awareness but also to build authority for your website and of course make those sales we were talking about above. 

As a small business owner you can make sure your website is visible by using SEO to optimise your website and your content for search engines. 


3. User experience

As more and more of us are online that we make sure our websites are user-friendly and create a fantastic user experience. This means that we need to be testing, testing , testing to make sure we have no speed issues, mobile issues and that every click and link takes them to where they need to go. 

Did you know that how quickly your website loads affect this experience? 

A 1 second delay decreases customer satisfaction by 16%*

It’s huge isn’t it and if they aren’t satisfied they’re just going to leave your site altogether. 


4. Building trust

Because of the nature of online shopping and purchasing these days as consumers we need trust with the people we are buying from and the sites we are using. This trust comes in the form of how customer service is handled, how the brand or business conducts themselves and also how their website looks and feels. 

If you could to a website and see a really bad photo, or poorly worded paragraphs are you likely to think “yes, this is the business for me!” or are you likely to hit close and go back to Google?

Probably the later. This is why it’s so important that you cover all the bases of trust for your website. A freshly presented, nicely worded, user optimised experience builds trust. 

Also don’t forget about security too and having your website secure, especially if you are processing any payment details. You will need your website to be https by law, but also this applies to any website as Google now favour secure sites showing https over http. If you need to change this over speak to your domain providers and hosting companies and they can help with this. 

Another factor of trust, especially in the area of data at the moment, is your Terms and Conditions, Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy. You need to be transparent with how you are handling people’s data when they visit your website. I would recommend speaking to a professional about this to ensure you are covered. I know the perfect person too – Ingrid from Dec + Dash is a small business lawyer. Definitely speak to her. 


5. Think future

You want a website that can grow as your business grows, so you need to think about long term. How will your website scale with you? This is really important when you first start looking at platforms. I know a lot of small business owners will focus on price when getting started but actually you need to think about functions and whether your website is going to do what you need it to do today and in the future. For a guide on what to think about when starting with a website read this blog here

I hope that’s helped give you some things to think about when it comes to your website. 



*Statistic from article by Hosting Tribunal