It’s time to stop de-prioritising your SEO.


I know, I get it.

SEO – it’s like a mythical creature that you hear about but don’t understand. It then get puts to the absolute bottom of your to-do list. BUT it does actually matter and if you have been neglecting this, don’t worry you can totally pull it back and start giving it some attention now. To give you some motivation to do that I’m going to share 5 reasons why you should.


1. SEO builds trust and credibility

When you have a beautiful, user friendly website you want that website to get found and also convert and SEO helps you build the foundations for this. When you are being found through the various wonders of SEO tactics you are building trust and authority for your website. The more authority your website can build the more the search engine will favour you too. It will get to detect that you are a credible website and that people visit your website.
So this can be done by using your SEO in the most effective way (think keywords in your content, user experience, engaging page titles and meta for search engines) but also link building with other websites is a great way to increase this.


2. SEO helps with user experience

As we know having a great experience for our audience when they use our website is important. We want them to spend longer on our websites so they are learning more about us, exploring our site’s and then converting to buyers.

Having good SEO on your website will help with your user experience. Search engines like Google, are getting more and more intelligent with detecting experience on websites so if you make it nice and easy for your audience, search engines are going to like you too. They are analysing how long people spend, where they bounce off etc. So make sure your site is running top notch.


3. SEO can support your offers and deals

If you are running special offers, deals, product launches use SEO to really create an impact. Use the language of your customer and phrases they would search for in your copy. But remember, don’t stuff it full of these things. Write in a natural way.
You can also update your SEO in search engines to showcase these deals and entice your customers/audience in.


4. SEO helps you understand more about marketing your business online

Yep it’s true. By spending some time on your SEO you are increasing your knowledge about how your website works, how search engines works, how your audience thinks. Now you might be wondering why should you care about websites etc you’re not a website designer – but it’s not about that. As a business it is in your best interest to understand how the wonderful world of online works because it will help you promote your business in a better way.

And finally…


5. SEO can happen today

You can literally come off of reading this blog post and start making changes to your SEO. You can start improving your visibility in search now – you don’t have to wait. Google and any search engine will take a little bit of time to adapt to those changes because it needs to crawl all your new changes, re-index them for users and start bringing you into search results.

So there you have it. 5 reasons why SEO is important for your small business. If you now feel ready to tackle SEO and are thinking how on earth do I do that? You can check out my SEO: A Small Business Guide to Search Engine Optimisation.



In this Guide and Workbook you will learn:

  • What SEO is
  • Why your content is so important
  • How Search Engines work
  • The Types of SEO
  • Title tags and how they play their part
  • Meta Descriptions and why they’re important
  • Keywords and how to do your own keyword research
  • How to SEO your images
  • The different website platforms and their SEO capabilities.
  • Extra tips on analytics, sitemaps and security
  • PLUS a checklist for you to conduct your own SEO Audit on your website.