Firstly, what is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a FREE tool from Google that enables you to measure every aspect of your website. This is fantastic for really understanding your user’s behaviour and how they interact with your site. This knowledge can help you plan your marketing, think of new ideas and really identify what’s working and what isn’t.

Now, when you first dive into analytics it can be a tad overwhelming because there is so much data in there but to get you started I want to tell you about five reports you need to look at. These five will help you understand your user’s behaviour and also make some changes if needed.



1. Mobile View

You might be thinking this is obvious. We live in such a mobile world now that surely everything works on mobile – but you need to check in with this and there are a few reasons.

You need to make sure that your website not only looks good on mobile but also works really well too. With a lot of the website builders around they do come with responsive templates however, you need to keep an eye on this because sometimes it doesn’t always look good or buttons that should be clicking aren’t. You don’t want people bouncing off the website.

The more users visiting your site via mobile and staying on your website will help your rankings in Google. This report will tell you how many visitors are viewing your website on their mobile device – it will even show you what device.

2. Audience Behaviour – New vs Returning

This report is going to tell you which users are brand new and what percentage have come back for more. Both are great and this is why.

If you see an increase in new visitors to your website this is a fab sign because it means more and more people are coming to find out who you are and what you do. They are interested in your business and if means if you are attracting new visitors then the marketing activities you are doing to expand your reach and your brand is working.

Returning visitors are also key because this means they like what they have seen and have come back. These type of visitors are also more likely to engage in the content on your website – your blogs for example and potentially share your content as well via Social Media. Returning visitors are warmed up and more likely to purchase, download a guide or enquire.

3. Landing Pages

It’s so valuable to know what pages on your website are working and what aren’t. These pages relate to the bounce rate on your website (where people visit and literally bounce off) and help you work on strengthening your content, your message and conversions.

If you know what pages are causing people to leave your website you can then work on making those weaker pages stronger – thinking about your message, call to actions and don’t forget images too to draw them in.

4. Audience Overview

This report will show you how many visitors you are getting to your website. It will breakdown the visitors, the sessions and how long they are spending on your site. You can adjust the date range as well and do a comparison with the previous year so you can see how your traffic has increased over time before diving into what’s working.

5. Acquisition Overview

Now, this is the section that shows you exactly how people are coming to your website. It breaks down how your site is performing in search engines by the number of Organic visits. It will show you how many people have visited your website via Social Media too. You can also click on Social Media and it will even show you what platforms people used. This is brilliant if you are putting all your efforts into one social media platform as you want to make sure it’s paying off.

You will also see Direct traffic in here which is when people put your website address in because they know it – how amazing is that? They know your address and will go straight to it in their browsers. Looking further down the list you will see Emails and this will show how your email marketing strategy is working and how much traffic it’s bringing to the site.

Finally take a look at Referrals because if you have been working really hard doing guest posts for other people and linking back (which you should always do) back to your site, this is where you can see how well that is performing.

But it doesn’t end there

There is so much data to be found in this wonderful platform, I have merely highlighted five reports to get you started. If you want to know more or take a dive into Google Analytics for your business check out my training session and how you can get clued up.


  1. Monique

    Bloody love this! I wish I knew as much as you Maxine

    • Maxine

      Aww thank you so much Monique. I am so pleased you have found it useful.


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