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Ding! You’ve had it. That lightbulb moment. The moment you decided to launch a business for yourself and share your amazing family-focused offering with the world. 


But, what’s next? Getting online is crucial. Creating an online presence which helps you stand out from the crowd and SELL: it’s make or break for your business dream.

Gorgeous website? Check. Loyal social community? Check. Easy-to-implement strategy for digital growth? Digital Bon Bons is here to bring your digital vision to life.

Summer 2016, I hit my lightbulb moment. I remember it well. I was sitting enjoying a cup of tea, dunking another hobnob, and it happened – I knew I wanted to start a business. A business which would help other businesses aimed at parents, children, and families. Help them to thrive by using digital marketing.

Having spent over 8 years immersed in corporate digital marketing, I’ve seen just how brands can grow thanks to a considered online presence. Plus, as a parent myself, I know how long your target audience spend online trying to find the right businesses to make family life easier – or just more fun!


We all want the best for our little ones. Today, we rely on a brand’s digital presence to show us if we’ll be getting the best or not.


Digital Bon Bons is a digital marketing consultancy focused on businesses with children and parents as their target customers. Covering all the areas of digital marketing from website design and build, to SEO, social media strategies and email campaigns– I provide complete versatility to match your online objectives.

Based in the UK, but gloriously worldwide, I’m here to help you grow your business and market it the right way. So, you can reach the parents and families ready and waiting to buy from you.

Maxine Kerley Digital Bon Bons

And who am I?


I’m Maxine and I live in the Garden of England, Kent with my husband, crazy 4 year old, two kittens Polly & Tigger and a Ball Python called Kaa. I’m a HUGE film fan so can often be found at the cinema – when we get a babysitter, that is!

Creativity is a big thing in our house, my husband is a drummer and can learn songs just by listening to them (what?) and our little girl already loves putting on a show while dancing to ‘Single Ladies’ by Beyoncé.

The snake is the most chilled out one – and thank goodness otherwise it would be a mad house!

Think you might be ready to invest in a booming digital future? Get in touch today for a friendly chat about your business vision and to find out how I can help it become a reality:

Can’t afford a professional on-board yet? No problem. You’ll find plenty of free digital marketing tips on my blog or over on Instagram.

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