About Me

Ding! You’ve had it. That lightbulb moment. The moment you decided to launch a business for yourself and share your amazing family-focused offering with the world. 


But, what’s next? Getting online is crucial. Creating an online presence which helps you stand out from the crowd and SELL: it’s make or break for your business dream and Digital Bon Bons is here to bring your digital vision to life.

Summer 2016, I hit my lightbulb moment. I remember it well. I was sitting enjoying a cup of tea, dunking another hobnob, and it happened – I knew I wanted to start a business. A business which would help other businesses aimed at parents, children, and families. Help them to thrive by using digital marketing.

Having spent over 10 years immersed in fashion and corporate digital marketing, I’ve seen just how brands can grow thanks to a considered online presence.

Plus, as a parent myself, I know how long your target audience spend online trying to find the right businesses to make family life easier – or just more fun!

We all want the best for our little ones. Today, we rely on a brand’s digital presence to show us if we’ll be getting the best or not.

Based in the UK, but gloriously worldwide, Digital Bon Bons is a digital marketing consultancy focused on businesses with children and parents as their target audience.

I want to help you get clear about your digital marketing goals, help you create a strategy and plan that suits busy family life and help you feel confident about marketing your business online.

Maxine Kerley Digital Bon Bons

And who am I?

I’m Maxine. I live in Kent with my husband Patrick, daughter Ava, two cats – Polly and Tigger and our snake Kaa. I feel like if we add any more pets it will be like Dr Dolittle’s house.

Born and bred Kent dweller I studied Drama and Theatre Studies at University and lived in London for a while but soon the Garden of England called me home.  I’ve always been a highly creative individual whether it’s art, drama, literature and I am thrilled that I do what I do for a living. Digital Marketing is an ever changing world and one that you can be completely creative in.

Fortunately, creativity is a BIG thing in our house. My husband is a drummer and can learn songs just by listening to them (what?) and he’s also a photographer.  Our little girl already loves putting on a show, doing various vocal impressions while dancing to ‘Single Ladies’ by Beyoncé.

The Juggle is Real


Becoming a parent was one of the most exciting, terrifying and rewarding things I have ever experienced. Becoming a business owner was very similar. I found that there were a lot of emotions connected between the two because my business is like another baby to me I guess. I’ve created it, nurtured it, I am helping it grow and it’s scary isn’t it? Running your own business is a HUGE deal. Certainly not an idea I was brought up to believe was an option, it just wasn’t the “done thing” but look at me now and look at you – we are business owners! Virtual high fives.

Entering this crazy world I soon realised I needed support and encouragement from people who “got it”, who knew what answering emails and working late was like while trying to entertain your child with play-doh. I’ve joined some fantastic communities since I launched and luckily found incredible online and offline friends. I wanted to give back though and because I love a natter I decided to start a Podcast – The Juggle is Real: Musings of a Parent and Business Owner. I wanted to speak to fellow jugglers about how they manage, what they’ve learnt and what could help others taking this incredible leap into juggling both worlds. My hope is that it provides inspiration to those who are thinking of launching a business or are already doing the juggle that they are not alone in how they feel and help is always there if needed.

The Podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher – check it out here.

Maxine Kerley Digital Bon Bons

Fun Facts about Me!

Proudest Moment to Date: 

Launching my own business. I pinch myself every.single.day.

Favourite Place to Be: 

At the beach, listening to the waves while reading a good book, possibly having a nap too.

Things that make me go mushy: 

Really cute things, like whether it’s in an animation or old men crying.

I’m a total geek about:

Films, hands down. I LOVE films and film trivia.

Best piece of advice I’ve ever been given:

Fear is a lot easier to live with than regret.

I cry everytime:

I read Ava a story and we just look at each other, she strokes my face says “I love you Mummy” then closes her eyes. Gets me every time.

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