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Having a website is such an exciting thing isn't it? After the business planning, getting your branding, logo and identity sorted you really want to get stuck in and get a website up and running. Now, there are so many options out there of how to create your own...

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GDPR and your Email Marketing

For this final instalment I am going to be focusing on how GDPR affects your email marketing. I know many of you use email marketing to reach your audience and GDPR is going to make you look at how you are currently doing this as there will be changes afoot. The big...

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Getting prepared for GDPR

Well it works for the Boy Scouts so it can work for GDPR. This post is covering how you can prepare for GDPR. Again, get a tea, grab a notebook and let’s get comfy.   Get organised Now is the time to look at all the data you hold and where it is. Make a data audit for...

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What is GDPR?

Some big changes are coming on the 28th May and it's called GDPR. Now you may be thinking "What on earth is that?" and “that doesn’t affect me” but if you collect data in anyway from your customers you need to know what this is and how it will affect your business....

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The Future of Facebook

A lot of businesses will know where they were when they saw the Facebook news hit screens everywhere last Thursday - that's how important Social Media has become to us. It's crazy to think that a Facebook news feed algorithm update would make BBC News but that's how...

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My first month as Self Employed

Well that's it. I have just completed my first month as a self employed business owner - cue scream emoji shocked face! How on earth did that happen right? I am still in a LOT of disbelief myself that I am actually at this point and now doing this wonderful business...

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Websites Where Do I Start

When starting a business there are so many things to consider and one of the biggest things is a website. With more and more people using the internet to find products and services a website is an integral part in order for your business to be found online. I can...

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Here is my little hub of digital information ready to help you tackle digital marketing in your business and reach that all important target audience – parents and children. I cover a whole host of subjects in this blog, along with featuring amazing guest posts from contributing authors. If you have a subject you’d love to see covered here, please feel free to contact me and let me know. Hope you enjoy!


Hi I’m Maxine. Hope you enjoy reading the blog. You can find out more about me by clicking here, but I’ll let you into some fun facts while we’re here…
I can say the alphabet backwards, I love tea, adore vintage kooky items and love colour.




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