Let’s talk Email Marketing Platforms

What are email marketing platforms?

The great thing about marketing is that we have lots of platforms out there to help us do it – hooray! Just like with Social Media platforms and Social Media Management platforms there are solutions to help us with our email marketing.

In marketing we call them “Email Service Providers”.

Basically, a service which enables us to send emails to our audience. Not the same as Gmail etc, not those emails, but promotional emails about our business that look like magazines in a way. They can be filled with colour, images and links or be quite simple and plain. Some people like to use them and send emails exactly how they would look if you received one Gmail or Outlook.

The great thing about ESP’s is that they give us insight into how our email marketing is performing. But first let’s look at the platforms out there.


There’s so many…


I know – it’s another minefield isn’t it to find the right one and everyone offers difference functions that will suit. Mailchimp used to be my go-to recommendation for email marketing for small business because it offered amazing features on their free plan which meant that as small business grew it gave the perfect opportunity for them to see what email marketing had to offer. However, Mailchimp have changed quite a lot this year. They cut their ties with Shopify and also have changed their offering on their free plans. So this means a lot of small business owners had to find alternatives. There’s other options for connection with Shopify which Mailchimp details in this article.

When I moved from Mailchimp I went over to Active Campaign. I wanted more functions when it came to welcome sequences and being able to tag audience members. Now, the Active Campaign interface might not be as sleak and clear as Mailchimp but I don’t find the platform as clunky and mostly I like the the flexibility in terms of creating the email itself. It has a drag and drop design function that’s much more intuitive. I don’t know about you but I’ve had a few times in Mailchimp where I’ve created content and then realised it would be suited to another layout to discover you can’t just do that and have to create the whole thing over again. Active Campaign let me do this.

But now I’ve moved again – ha ha. I’ve moved to a brand new platform called FloDesk which I really like. Not only does it let you create really engaging emails but also the interface is clean and uncomplicated. As it’s brand new it is in beta at the moment, which means it’s live and kicking but not completely finished. They’re adding features all the time. Their creators and support team are really great and the Facebook forum is a brilliant place for inspiration and help too.

I also like their subscriptions options. They are offering $38 for unlimited emails, workflows, and subscribers – wow! Normally many email service providers the price increases as your audience does but not with FloDesk it seems.

As I’m an account holder I have an affiliate link available. With this code you can also use FloDesk but pay $19 a month, that’s 50% off the monthly subscription price – woo hoo!

They do a 30 day trial to so you can probably experiment with it before making any final decisions.

Here’s the link – https://flodesk.com/c/DIGIBONS

On the right I’ve given a snap shot of my newsletter in Flodesk.

If you want to sign up and join my email community you can do that right here. I find the platform super easy to use and it’s got lots of lovely customisation image layouts and texts you can use. If someone feels excited to receive our email they’re going to be more inclined to open it and most importantly click our call to actions.

There’s lot of other platforms out there to look at. Here’s some more to throw into the mix but please note I’m not as familiar with these so can’t comment on what they will be like.


The best way to approach platforms is to think about what about you need it to do for your business. Sometimes we can just jump into email marketing because it’s a marketing tool we think we “should” be using before we think about the strategy for it. Having a strategy for your email marketing is going to help you decide what platform will suit your needs. 

For example, if you’re wanting to have a lot of opt-ins that link to your various services then you might need to look at something like Active Campaign or Convertkit – these two will enable you to create various automations and segment your audience. 

You want to think about what’s going to serve your business long term in alignment with your goals. I know cost can affect your decision but look at the features the platform provide and what you will need. It’s an investment in your business, growing your audience and also sales. 

Need a helping hand with your email marketing?

If you’re looking to grow your audience, an audience that you own too, and generate sales then email marketing could be the marketing tool for you. A list of engaged people who want to hear from you is a precious thing and I can help you create that, grow it and love email marketing. 

I offer a variety of email marketing services from Audits, Strategy Sessions, Set Up and Opt-in creation. Click below to take the first step in thriving with email marketing. 

What is email marketing?

Heard people talk about it but wondered, what is email marketing?


Then let’s get that answered for you.

In it’s most simplest terms email marketing is the use of email communications to promote your business, share information with your audience and to sell. It’s also been going a really long time, pretty much since the birth of the internet to be honest and this is why it won’t ever fade away.

You might here some people say that email marketing is dead. It really isn’t.

It still converts 5% more than social media and even after GDPR coming in last year and us refreshing our lists and how we manage data – it’s not going anywhere fast. Yay!

This is exciting because it really can be one of the most fun and rewarding ways to grow your business.


Email Marketing builds on the know, like, trust factor.


We are living in times where data is a big topic. How companies use and process data is coming under scrutiny (watch The Great Hack on Netflix to get a taste of this) and we are naturally becoming more informed and more protective about how we hand over our data. So when someone voluntarily gives you their email address when joining your mailing list for your newsletter or to get your amazing offer or freebie, they’re not doing it lightly. They want what you have to offer.

It’s usually through an initial exchange like this, joining your newsletter, downloading your freebie, that the relationship begins. This is where the nurturing of your audience starts and unlike Social Media this is an already warm audience who wants to hear from you – how do we know this? Because they gave you the permission and they want to hear from you.

Over time you can use email marketing to nurture this relationship and soon the fan can move along the status to a customer, a returning customer and then potentially an advocate for your business.


Getting started with it


I know, marketing is such a big beast and there are always new things to think about and explore for your business. I always go on the golden rule of researching, planning but not procrastinating. I’ll explain a bit more about that.

Like with any marketing activity you could just dive straight in. However when this happens something quickly follows – overwhelm. This happens from not actually know what you want to do with this activity. Then the worst happens…nothing. You might create a sign up form for your website, get people sign up to it and then you do nothing. We don’t want that happening.

Another case maybe that you choose an email service provider – Mailchimp, Mailer Lite, Active Campaigns and so on but you quickly discover that it doesn’t let you do what you wanted it to, it might not connect to your website at all.

What I like to do is think first about what I actually want from doing email marketing and this gives you your strategy. This helps everything become so much more clearer.

If you know what you want to use email marketing for, what journey you’re going to take people on, what service or product your freebie or discount might link into, what your newsletter will deliver and how often it’s going to be so much easier to make email marketing work for you. You’ll also be able to choose the right platform to support you too.

Ready to create your Email Marketing Strategy?


In this Strategy workbook and planner you will be taken through what goals you want from email marketing, your customer’s challenges and the value you can deliver to them and a planning template for you to map out your emails.