What if growing your business online was less headache and more FUN?

Hi, I’m Maxine and I help female parent founders like you feel confident to tackle their online marketing with ease.

I know what it’s like to have big dreams and to be slightly overwhelmed by the challenge of making them come to life. But, I also know the power of the right guidance and a big dose of encouragement! Which is why I’ve created the Digital Dreamers Playground…

A space for like-minded, ambitious business owners to connect, learn and make doing business more enjoyable – and ultimately, profitable!!

What your playground pass includes:


to the exclusive and closed Facebook group for ambitious business owners ready to up their game and launch, re-brand or grow their business with ease.


to connect, collaborate, learn from and laugh with like-minded digital dreamers – all determined to do what it takes to succeed.


sent to your inbox, including:
Digital Marketing Glossary,
Social Media Management Platform Guide PLUS
Getting Started with Goal Setting Guide!


of Playground news, discussions and top tips so you don’t miss the good stuff when you’re busy doing business.

Ready to join the community?

My aim is to help you feel confident in your business so that you can attract the clients and customers you long for.

I want you to thrive by having the right tools, the right advice and a community in which to grow. This is a space that encompasses the whole business journey PLUS I want to help make digital marketing child’s play because that’s my passion.

But I’m not here to mess around… Uh-uh. I’m looking to build a community of positive, ambitious, big-dreaming business owners who are ready and eager to get stuff done while making the process enjoyable.

The Rules of the Playground

Come on in and be YOU!

This is a space for honesty, authenticity, hope and hilarity. I want to get to know the real you, your business story, your vision, your struggles – I believe there’s no limits with the right support, so let’s all be that for each other.

Keep it kind.

If it turns out the real you is rather unpleasant, you’ll be a goner, sorry! This is a space for kind words and confidence boosts as we learn from each other.

Get involved.

I don’t expect you to engage with every post but I do ask you to introduce yourself and get involved wherever you can. Ask questions, leave comments, share funny home-office pics and tell us all what you’ve been up to in your downtime… We’re all here to hang out with.

Keep it sales-free.

Which means no promoting your business unless otherwise prompted. You’ll have plenty of natural opportunities to share your business when you connect and engage with the discussions going on inside.