1:1 Marketing Strategy & Planning




No plan for your marketing?

Fed up with relying solely on social to grow your business?

Want to feel more in control and focused on how you’re marketing your business and where?

You are in the right place!


No two businesses are the same, no two business owners are the same so why on earth would one strategy or way of doing things work for everyone?

It doesn’t.

If you’re wanting to cut the overwhelm, the lack of control of your day and say hello to feeling organised, focused and empowered then a strategy and plan is going to help you my friend.

You will feel uber focused knowing when you hit your desk that morning you know what you’re doing when it comes to your marketing.

You will set yourself a goal and know all the action points you need to take to get you there.

You will have a marketing toolkit that supports your business beyond just Social Media, so you don’t feel a slave to the algorithm, likes, follows and scrolls anymore.

Sounds refreshing doesn’t it?

A marketing strategy will help you fine tune exactly what you want to be doing with your business and your marketing.

The plan is how it’s going to happen.

“Each video call was packed with useful guidance with real action steps for me to take in the next seven days before our next call. And I really needed that accountability and quick turnaround to keep me going and on track. One of the best things with Maxine is how she helped me to join the dots of the marketing process so that I could have a clear plan in place (for the first time ever in my case). She is also a brilliant fresh pair of eyes looking at your business which helped me to have a huge breakthrough in our first call and true clarity about how I was going to structure things going forward. And Maxine is also a lovely person who is genuinely interested in what I’m doing and it really feels like she’s in my corner! If you’re unsure about your marketing and need a boost with some clear strategy thrown in for good measure, then Maxine is your gal!


Louise Maidment – Every September

Are you ready to…

Have a Strategy and Plan of Action for all your marketing activities for the next 90 days of your business?


To feel confident in knowing that you have a plan you can follow with ease?


Have relief because your ideas, goals and action points will all be figured out ( no more scrambling or searching for answers)?


Gain a greater understanding of your ideal clients, your goals and how all of your marketing activities will work together to support your business?


PLUS a framework you can follow each and every 90 days onwards?

We will cover…



You’re wanting change in your business and your marketing – old ways don’t open new doors as we know. So for us to dive into what’s got to change for to move forward we will be looking at where you are now and what’s been happening in your marketing and business.



Do you feel lost when it comes to setting goals? Are you often thinking what do I even want in my business beyond flexibility and being my own boss? We will approach goals in such a way that you will feel excited to be setting them and you know why you will? Because you will have a foundation that supports them.



Has this got a bit lost? You know you want to help people, you know you want to provide them with the best service that is going to make a difference to their business but you’ve got foggy on who that person(s) are. We will reconnect you back to them so that when we are focusing on your strategy and plan you are crystal clear on who you are speaking to.



As a small business owner we need to be using systems and platforms that are going to support us deliver our business. If you’ve got some in place already we will look at how they are working for you and whether you’re utilising them enough. Perhaps there’s new marketing areas you want to explore, like email marketing but you’re not sure how to get started – we will get you started and thriving.



The big one. The plan itself. Using everything we have covered we will then form a unique and bespoke marketing plan for your business incorporating all the marketing activities that you want to use – content, email marketing, website, collaborations and social media.


(please note that I will only be covering and including non paid advertising in the plans, I do not cover anything to do with paid advertising).

“I recently had a strategy session with Maxine and was left feeling really motivated about work again. Before the actual day, I had lots of amazing homework to do in the form of a workbook – this was really helpful for me because it clarified exactly where I wanted to go with my business. Maxine spent the time listening to exactly what I wanted to achieve with my business going forward, and helped put a 3 month plan in place. I’ve already started implementing some of the smaller things we spoke about because I feel so enthusiastic about having a plan rather than just winging it! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Maxine and Digital Bon Bons!!”


Bhavini Lakhani – B81 Designs

Marketing Support from a digital expert for 6 weeks!


You are a service based business for example a Marketer, a VA, designer or a Coach.

You have been in business 6 months to 1 year.

You are ready to have a strategy and plan filled with a marketing toolkit to get you visible beyond just social media. 

You want support from a marketing expert who will help you gain clarity, confidence, perspective and provide that objective outside view you need.

Ready to feel organised, invigorate and have a strategy and plan for your marketing?


Imagine what it will feel like to have dedicated time to working on your business instead of in it all the time.

Picture what it would be like to have a strategy together for your marketing that you can follow with confidence.

A plan that supports both you and your business, that is adaptable, that is mouldable.

To have someone supporting you every step of the way in creating a plan of action for your marketing for the next 90 days.

Ooooh goosebumps.

Here’s what’s included…

  • Welcome Pack – you’ll receive a welcome pack from me outlining what our 6 weeks together is going to look like.
  • Strategy & Plan for each element – that’s right we’re going to create a strategy for each of your marketing activities.
  • One Hour follow up call two months after our six weeks end.
  • 6 x 1 hour zoom calls – we will have a call each week focusing a different element of your business marketing.
  • Unlimited support during our 6 weeks through messaging app Telegram and email, so we can speak between our calls, you can send me anything you’d like my opinion on and ask any questions.
  • Access to all the resources in my Shop – you’ll have a toolkit of resources you can use during our time together.

“Our time together was excellent and I really feel like I’m more organised for the tasks ahead in every way now so thanks for all your help and hard work.”


Kat Brown – Mama Brown & Co

“Maxine, thank you SO MUCH for yesterday. It was so productive and insightful – we can’t wait to get cracking.”


Meg & Anna – Musical Dots


£725 / $940


Ready to say Yes?
Let’s see if we’re the right fit for each other


When working with someone in this way it’s really important to make sure you’re the right fit for each other.
The first step is to have a FREE 30 min call and we can discuss how it all works, what the ultimate outcomes are for you and how you’re going to feel in your business going forward – Yay!