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Support and encouragement to help you grow your business online

Let’s be truthful about one thing – being your own boss is a whirlwind, isn’t it?

It’s hard work, takes time, dedication, countless hours and it’s also one of the most fulfilling, exciting and amazing journeys you will ever decide for yourself. But that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone all the time.

You’re at the point now where you could benefit from having a helping hand.  You want guidance, help with getting your mind in the game and staying focused, to feel in control and organised when it comes to your marketing.

The time has come for you to have someone in your corner, who understands what building and growing a business online is like. Who knows there is no one size fits all formula.

It’s time to wave goodbye to spending the night trawling Google for answers, scrolling mindlessly through Instagram, staring at your to-do list and feeling overwhelmed.

You want a digital marketing coach who understands the whole marketing mix to help you.

No more social media fatigue.

No more feeling like you’re winging it (but not in the good way).

No more wondering what to do to move forward in your marketing.


So, I’ve got some questions for you…

Are you…

Ready to take control of things and have a plan in place?

Fed up with feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list?

Want to feel invigorated and excited to take action?

Feeling frustrated about how to get all your digital marketing activities to work together?

Wanting the support of someone who knows her stuff and can help you?


Roll the VT

Why work with me?

Getting your business seen online can be overwhelming – there’s so much to think about and so much advice out there on what you should be doing. Every day you’ll hit Google or Social Media and see blog after blog, post after post about what you “should” be doing in your business.

I want to cut through that noise by working with you directly giving you focus, inspiration and empowerment for finding the ways that marketing will work for you. When you have those things, you can achieve anything.

These Mini DM Coaching Sessions are to help you get clear, feel motivated and inspired so that you see how incredible you are and what an amazing business you have to share with the world.

I’ve worked as an organic digital marketer for since 2008, Facebook was new, small independent businesses were stepping up their online presence and there wasn’t something called “Ads”.

You could say I have seen and experienced A LOT of changes to the digital landscape in this time and I get it. I know what it takes to market a business and wear the hat of website designer, SEO marketer, social media manager, email marketer, online merchandiser, Pinterest wizard, strategist, planner…the list goes on.

In my first ever Digital Marketing role – I was all those things.

Through a blend of coaching, consultancy and mentoring I want to help you grow your business in ways that work for you.

"When I’ve had a conversation with Maxine I always leave feeling empowered!"


“Maxine is absolutely brilliant at what she does – a straight-talking coach, creative expert and laser focused when it comes to digital marketing. Maxine takes her time to understand your business and where you want to get to, as well as getting to know you as a person so that she can make suggestions that are the best for you. Whenever I’ve had a conversation with Maxine I always leave it feeling empowered and like I can conquer anything!”

Charlotte from Power of the Parent

"Today we are down to a page and that includes what we need to do until the end of next month"


“Before we spoke my to-do list was overwhelming. More stuff got added quicker than I was completing it. Today we are down to a page and that includes what we need to do until the end of next month. Woo Hoo. It is awesome. ”

Laura from Pop and Punch

"Today we are down to a page and that includes what we need to do until the end of next month"


“Thank you so much for your help! I feel really inspired and far more focused now. Thank you! I loved that in addition to helpful, genuine feedback and theory I received actionable, instantly applicable tips to improve my marketing.”

Victoria from Bear and Bloom

"Thank you for such a positive experience"


“I feel like [my challenges] are all achievable and have been broken down into smaller chunks which I can implement. Thank you for such a positive experience which was super friendly whilst being professional. Thanks Maxine! x”

Meg from Nursery Edit

"I came away from the call feeling tooled up and ready to rock!"


“The session really helped me; her support and empathy made a huge difference to how confident I felt afterwards. Maxine’s inside knowledge, expertise and kind nature really made me feel supported and I came away from the call feeling tooled up and ready to rock!”

Natalia from Clear Desk VA

The Mini Sessions

These Mini Digital Marketing Coaching Sessions cover three topics. Click below to explore what we would cover in one of these sessions.

Marketing Mojo & Mindset

Are you currently feeling like you’ve got Social Media fatigue?
Are you feeling like your mojo for your marketing is taking a holiday and doesn’t want to come back?

Let’s get it kick started again for you. It can be really hard trying to do “all the things” in our businesses. So many hats to wear and keeping up to date and on top of our marketing can really take its toll.

This session is designed for getting your mojo back. If Stella got her groove back (great film by the way) then so can you with help from me. We will tackle why the mojo has gone and how it will come back plus you’ll leave the session feeling motivated and with a set of actions and tools you can use again and again if it decides to hop away again. 


Marketing Productivity

“You don’t find time, you make time”.

This is the key when it comes to “getting organised” with the marketing for your business. Switching away from the lack of time approach to making time. You can truly be the most productive in the time you have and when you have a plan you will actually create more  for yourself too.

In this session we cover what you need to be focusing on right now to move your business forward and ways to keep those productivity levels rising.

Goal Setting & Accountability

Sometimes when being our own boss we can get distracted by all the things. If you work from home this is added to by the endless list of home life stuff to sort out. Goal Setting can help you stay focused, motivated and on track.

In this session we’ll cover what it means to “Goal Set” and how you can stay accountable.

Imagine what it would feel like to finally tick off some big marketing tasks off the to-do list.

ready to move forward?

All the Digital Marketing Mini Coaching Sessions
are 90 mins and the investment is £165.00


Your session will also be recorded so you have it to refer back to and you will receive written action notes too.

Choose your session below, you’ll be taken to a booking page where you can select your date and time. Once that’s complete you’re all booked in and we’re ready to go!

Got some questions?
No worries, ask away

How will I know this is the right fit for me?

if you’re not sure whether this would be the right thing to help you in your business then let’s have a quick chat about it and I can answer any questions you have. Click here book your FREE 20 min Motivation Minis Call.


What’s the best point in my business journey for these sessions?

These sessions are perfect for all stages.


What if I would like more than one session can I purchase a block of sessions?

Absolutely! If this is something you’re interested in then just let me know during our first session (if you love it that much – yay!) or pop me an email over at and I can send you the details to do this.