“Parental Guidance”

Digital Marketing Strategy Mastermind

Let’s work together to…


 AUDIT what you’ve been currently doing – Taking a look at your website, your social media platforms and email marketing.

Get CLEAR – Tailor that ideal customer person and identify what goals you want to achieve and the activities you want to do in your business i.e. want 80 new email subscribers a month, 45% up on sales – let’s delve into it and build a strategy.

Create a PLAN of action – What are you going to be doing to achieve these goals. How will all youe activities work and link together.

In five weeks you will:

Feel inspired and see your business in new ways.

Have a strong plan of action for managing your online marketing going forward.

Know all the ways you can take your business foward and make it stronger.

Feel confident again with your business voice and message.


Let me tell you more…


I know from being in business that sometimes it all get too much.

We are doing so much all the time from actually delivering the business on top of marketing it. Sometimes, you get stuck.

You’ve been doing what you’ve been doing since the beginning, you learnt everything as you went but you know deep down there’s things missing, the dots aren’t connecting and to move your business on you need to get clear, confident and know how you’re going to take your business forward.


What if you could start your week knowing:


  • You planned your Social Media Content on Friday when it was quieter.
  • That holidays need extra promotion to parents so the website, social and email activity needs to ramp up.
  • How you were going to create some excitement in the lead up to Christmas…in October.
  • What you wanted to achieve and how you were to do it.
  • You had time.


Now, doesn’t that sound nice.


And here’s how we’re going to do it…

The Workbook

To start you will be sent a “Delving into your Business” Workbook to complete and return to me.

Then, we’ll hop on a 30 min call via Skype or Zoom to talk through what you’ve written in your workbook so that we can discuss your current challenges, your messaging, your ideal customer and your goals ideas.

The Audit

To help you move forward I need to look at what you are currently doing in all areas of your online marketing. This will give me a clear understanding of what’s missing and how you can improve.

Your Website

You website is your shop window, whether you are a service based business or a online store.

It needs to be fast, it needs to be user friendly, it needs to be found in search engines. I want to look at your website to ensure that it is ticking these boxes and that you aren’t missing any key call to actions, or holding up your customer’s journey – we know their time is precious and they make decisions quickly.

Your Social Media Channels

I will analyse 2 of the current profiles you are using to analyse their engagement, your audiences behaviour and the content you’re posting. This will show me any areas that are missing with your content but also how you can strengthen your reach.

 Your Email Marketing

Sending regular communications to your mailing list helps to build brand loyalty and increase conversions.

I want to make sure your sign up box is clear and GDPR compliant, your messages are on brand throughout and you have a template that sells.
I will be analysing your last 6 campaigns looking at opens, clicks, conversion, sign up forms and content.

It’s time to talk it through

The first of our sessions will be covering everything I have discovered in my audit using my Recommendation Report.

So get the kettle on, your favourite snack ready and a note book and let’s talk it through.

This session will last 90 mins.

The Strategy & What’s involved

So I’ve told you that having a strategy and a plan is important but what does that actually mean? What’s involved in putting one together?

A strategy focuses on three main elements:


Your Ideal Client & Message


Goal Setting


Your Bespoke Strategy

and Plan of Action

And we are going to spend time getting clear on all of them.

Firstly I will create your bespoke Strategy & Planning document and complete it with everything I know so far about your business, your goals and plans using the information in the workbook and the recommendation report.

It’s then time to hop back on Skype or Zoom and talk it through, elaborate it and strengthen it together.

This session will last 90 mins.

And finally…putting into Action

You now have a comprehensive strategy & plan for the next 6 months. You’re feeling confident and ready to go – Yay!!

But don’t worry I don’t just let you loose and forget about you.

I will organise a check in call lasting 30 mins for a month afterwards to see how you’re getting on with it all.

This is amazing…I’m all excited

This is brilliant to hear!

I am excited for you, because (and I know it may sound uber geeky) but I LOVE strategy and trust me when I say you will too.


Let’s get working together to create a confident, easy to do strategy for you and your business.



INVESTMENT :  £1,200

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