Digital Marketing Strategy Day

i love it when a plan comes together ( and so will you)

Two heads, one location, planning hats on…strategy formed!


My Digital Marketing Strategy Day is for business owners that are really ready to up their game, to stop winging it and start living it.

This is for you if you’re fed up with coasting through your business and feeling like you’re falling behind in your plans, vision and goals. You want to take charge. You want to bring everything together and leave feeling confident, inspired, excited and most of all…

with a plan of action together of how you’re going to achieve the things that matter the most to you in your business. 

This strategy day is going to get you and your business prepped. So if you’re serious about growing your business online then read on.

The Details

The Now

Before we can talk strategy and planning we need to look at your current situation together. We’ll talk about where you’re currently at in your business, what’s working, what isn’t, your ideal customer and how you’re attracting them, how you’re making sales and what current marketing activities you’re doing.

Your Goals

This is where we really flesh out what you want to achieve in your business.

As a business owner, I know that the decisions and goals I make in my business connect to what I want for me and my family, so let’s dive into that here and what you want to achieve and what this would feel like.

The Strategy & Plan

Once we’ve spoken about where you’re at and your goals it’s time to bring everything together into a strategy and a plan of action you can follow that works for both your business and your family life.

We’ll work on content planning and how to consistently show up in your business in the most productive ways.


“Maxine, thank you SO MUCH for yesterday. It was so productive and insightful – we can’t wait to get cracking.”


Meg & Anna from Musical Dots

Ready to take the step forward?


Here’s what’s included:

  • Business Deep Dive Workbook pre Strategy session
  • 6-hour Strategy session in person in a Central London location
  • Tasty lunch and refreshments during our day together
  • Goal Setting & Strategy Toolkit
  • Unlimited email support for four weeks after our session
  • One Hour follow up call two months after the session

I know your time is precious but taking a day out to work on your business is not only serving your business it’s serving you and you’re the backbone of the whole thing.

What you’ll leave the day with

A Strategy and Plan of Action for the next 90 days.


Confidence in knowing that you have a plan you can follow with ease.


Relief from having your ideas, goals and action points all figured out ( no more scrambling or searching for answers).


An understanding of how all of your marketing activities work together.

“Maxine, you’re an absolute pleasure to work with me! You’ve continually made me feel at ease and have been able to shine a new light in a way that makes total sense. Never making me feel bad for not having figured it out myself sooner.”

Saskia, Share the Joy Media

“I really enjoyed it and found out some really useful tips that I have put into place. Maxine got in touch not long after I first made contact and from after looking at the Instagram page and then the website I just knew I wanted to work with her!”

Danielle from Milk N Fizz

Want to talk in more detail?


Hop on a FREE 30 min consultation call with me and we can discuss how it all works, what the ultimate outcomes are for you and how you’re going to feel in your business going forward.

Got some questions?
No worries, ask away

Do I need anything specific in place before doing a day like this?
It really does depend on the stage you are at with your business. For example if you are about to launch you will be in a different position than someone who has been running for 12 months. The best thing is to hop on a call so we can talk about your current situation and find the best help for you.


Is this only available in London?
Yes and this is because I really feel days like this are so much more productive when face to face.


I know lunch is included but what about travel costs?
I’m afraid travel costs are not included in the price of this service and you will be responsible for paying for and organising your own travel.