Welcome to the Digital Stars Academy

Learn Digital Marketing & create a comprehensive, confident & fun strategy in 8 weeks!

This is for you if:

You’ve created your business doing everything yourself.

You feel unconfident with trying new things because you’re not sure whether they’re right or not.

You want a better understanding of your digital marketing to move things forward and grow.

You are fed up with searching through Google to find the answers all the time.

You want some hand holding and someone to explain everything to you in a way that you’ll get it!


In eight weeks you will:

Not be turning to Google for answers!

Feel confident to dive into data and learn more about your business.

Understand how all the digital marketing elements work together so you can make stronger marketing decisions.

Know how to create a plan of action for your business that you can follow with ease.

Digital Marketing can be a whole new world to a business owner, so many things to understand and learn.

I am here to bust through that learning curve and help you do it.

You want to do the best by your business and build your knowledge and understanding so you can increase your own brand awareness and drive more sales.

You want to know the tricks of the trade, what you’re missing and most importantly create a plan of action you can work with on a daily basis.

This 8 week training & coaching programme will help you get there!

Let’s take a look at what’s covered in the eight weeks!


Intro Video to the 8 Week Programme and what you can expect

Video 1 – Knowing your audience
It all starts with this. If you have a clear understanding of who your audience are then the rest will fall into place a lot quicker and easier. You will know who you are talking to with your marketing messaging, which means you will be attracting your ideal client with every word.

Download: “Creating an Ideal Customer Persona” Workbook


Video 2 – “Why you need a great website”
You will learn what makes a great user experience for your audience when they come to your virtual shop window. Having a strong website design is important and you will learn what you can do to make your website stronger so that your visitors stay for longer and turn from browsers to buyers!

Download: “How to conduct an audit on your own website” Workbook


BONUS VIDEO – “The Importance of Branding”

A brand is more than just a logo, it’s an identity for your business, it’s what you become known for and associated with. It shows your personality, your values all within those colours and fonts you choose.  This bonus video with cover what makes a strong brand and how you can make sure business is “on brand” throughout all your messaging!



Video 4 – “Learning & Understanding the basics of SEO & how to ‘Do SEO’ in your business”
How often do you turn to Google to find what you’re looking for? It’s where we go to “search” the internet. The results you get are all because of SEO. This is what helps get you found in search results and infront of parent eyes!
This is why it is so important to know about SEO and how to “do it” for your website.

Download: “How to perform Keyword Research” Workbook


Video 5 – “Getting to Grips with Google Analytics”
Learn why your data will provide the insights you need to grow your business and how it can help you make better marketing decisions. For example knowing where people are leaving your website can mean you might have weak pages that need a re-design, stronger call to actions. If all your traffic comes via a Mobile is your website performing up to scratch or is it creating a bad user experience.

Download: Google Analytics Cheat Sheet – the reports you should always look at.


Video 6 – “Using Social Media to build your brand & reach parents”
You will learn how to find what platforms are right for your business and importantly where your ideal clients and customers are hanging out. We will cover how to look at the statistics for your social media activity and use them to make better decisions about your posting schedule and your content so you are using social media effectively and it’s not taking up all your time. We will also cover how to create a content plan so you know what you are going to post and when to drive sales, create a community and loyal customer fan base.

Download: “Planning your Social Media content” Workbook



Video 7 – “How to effectively use email marketing in your business”
Having a mailing list is AMAZING because it helps create customer loyalty, brand awareness and customer retention for your business. Email Marketing done effectively is a powerful tool as you are marketing to people who want to hear from you, they are already warm and have a little toe inside the door. With great email marketing, a plan and delivering insighful and useful content you can get them right inside for a lovely warm hug!

Download: “Planning your customer’s email marketing journey” Workbook



Video 8 – “Setting your Digital Marketing Goals”
I want you to learn all this knowledge so you can achieve what you want with your business. In this module we will be drumming down into that and I’ll be asking you that exact question. What do you want to achieve? How many sales do you want a month? How many returning customers? By setting yourself goals and knowing what your clear vision is you can make sure that all the activities you are doing connect to reaching those goals – whether that’s one per month or one every week! Your time as a business owner is super super tight – so you don’t want to be wasting energy or any of that time on activities that aren’t going to get you where you want to be. You want to use your time wisely and having a clear goal will help you free up time.

Download: “Setting realistic and achievable Goals for your business” Workbook


Video 9 – “Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy – The What, Why & Where”
Now you have learnt about all the elements involved with digital marketing and you’ve set some goals that you want to focus on, the fun really begins. I will show you how you can bring all those elements we’ve covered above into building a strategy you can follow will ease so that you free up your time to focus on delivering the business and spending time with your family.

Download: “Creating a Strategy you can work with” Workbook

WEEK 8 – Our last week

Video 10 – “THE HOW”
YES – you are now at the final week and this is where we put everything into action and create your HOW – the plan that’s going to help you deliver and achieve everything you set for your goals.

Download: “How to create a Plan of Action you can follow with ease” Workbook


Video 11 – Goodbye & Shine


How does that all sound?

I’m not going to lie I am very excited about this, and cannot wait to help you:


get confident,

get clear

and create a plan of action that works for you.




The eight week programme above AND:

2 x 30 min touch base calls with Me!

Week 3 – Time to talk through any questions or ideas you’ve had from the first two videos. Discuss any blocks you may have or things you’re unclear on, let’s get them sorted so you can carry on confidently.


Week 5 – At this point you would have covered a LOT in the last few modules so I want to make sure you’re okay, understand everything you’ve learnt and are feeling ready to start bringing it all together!




When does it start?

The programme will run every September & April.



To be the first to know when it opens register your interest below:

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