Welcome to the Digital Stars Academy

Digital Marketing can be a whole new world to a business owner, so many things to understand and learn of how to get your business seen online whether it’s through a website, social media, email marketing or being found in Google.

You want to do the best by your business and build your knowledge and understanding so you can drive more sales and increase your own brand awareness.

The Digital Stars Academy was created for just that purpose. I know being a small business owner budgets are tight and in an ideal world it would be great if you could hire someone to come in and take care of your digital marketing, but that’s not always possible and sometimes you have to do it yourself. But it also fun and rewarding to increase your own knowledge and know by making a few adjustments or trying new things you’ve learnt you can start to see results.

There are no professional qualifications gained at the end of these courses, however you will feel more confident tackling your online with super increased knowledge that you can put into practise for your business.

Want to learn? Let’s go!

The Courses

Learn & Understand SEO for your business

If you feel like you haven’t quite got to grips with SEO and want to take charge, this is the course for you.

Getting Started & Making the most of
Google Analytics

Coming: May 2018

How to create a Social Media Strategy
for your Business & your audience

Coming: July 2018

Make Them Click:
Create Emails that Sell

Coming August 2018

How to create a Digital Marketing Strategy
for your Business

Coming: September 2018

How to create a Website
that works

Coming: October 2018

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