“Meet the Parents”
Digital Strategy Launch Pad

Let’s work together to…


Identify your GOALS – What you want to achieve with your online marketing?

STRATEGISE your launch ideas – Bringing your goals and target customer together.

Create a PLAN of action – for launching your business into the world!

In just 3 weeks you will:

Have a solid plan of action for each area of your online marketing leading up to your launch & beyond

Know exactly what you will be doing and when in preparation for your launch.

Be spending NO MORE time googling how to launch your business online.

BE READY to confidently launch your business into the world.

Like what you’re reading?

Let me tell you more…

Having a strategy and plan for your Digital Marketing is invaluable. When we’re already balancing parenting, work, our lives with a business on top time is precious – your time is precious.

When preparing a business for launch there is so much going on, so many practical things on the list that often when you press that “Go Live” button you will be winging it and hoping for the best. But what if you didn’t have to.


What if you already knew:


  • What you wanted to say and on which social media platform.
  • The sales promotions you wanted to do and had them linked up with specific holidays or awareness days for maximum effect.
  • How you were going to collaborate with other businesses to increase your reach.

Wouldn’t that be something?

This is how we are going to get you launch ready!

We’ll start with a health check


You might have some of your online areas ticked off the list already, but it is definitely work doing a Health Check.

This health check takes approx 2 hours to look at your website, social profiles and any email marketing you have set up to make sure that you’re not missing any important steps from the get-go!

Getting everything ship shape!

The first of our sessions will be covering everything I have discovered in my health check.

Grab your notebook, a snack and a fresh cuppa and let’s talk it through.

This session will happen using Skype or Zoom and last 30 mins.

The Who & Why


It’s so important when starting a strategy that you really understand who your ideal customer is and the message you want to give to them.

Knowing this information impacts all your following goals and marketing decisions. So the first thing we will do is get clued up on this.

Grab your notebook, a snack and a fresh cuppa and let’s talk it through.

This session will happen using Skype or Zoom and last 30 mins.

Goal Setting and Planning


Everything works much better when you set yourself Goals.

Goals help you to remain focused but also they help dictate the activities you are going to need to do to achieve them.

We will work together on creating a clear plan of action taking you from teaser promotion to launch day!

BUT it doesn’t stop there, because you need to keep things going once you’ve launched so using what we have so far we will create a plan for a further 3 months.

This session take place via Skype or Zoom and last 90 mins.

Action time


Now you have your plan, feel clear and confident about how you’re going to launch your business it’s time to put it all into action.

You can do it!

I care about your success, so after our Planning Session I will arrange a 30 min Skype or Zoom call to catch up with you in a month’s time.

This sounds brilliant – I want it!



Let’s get working together to get your business launch ready!





If you have some questions and want to chat first, feel free to contact me here.

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