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Why Digital Marketing is more than just Social Media

You're building a business, not a social media platform.   I have been wanting to write this blog post ever since I did my webinar last year on this very topic and after the glitches in Instagram yesterday it felt like the right time to put fingers to keyboard. I...

5 reports you need to look at in Google Analytics

Firstly, what is Google Analytics? Google Analytics is a FREE tool from Google that enables you to measure every aspect of your website. This is fantastic for really understanding your user's behaviour and how they interact with your site. This knowledge can help you...

Identifying your ideal customer and why it’s important

Your Ideal Client and what this means In business, we want to work with the right people. We want to connect with people that will value what we do, that fit with our business values and who the brand/business was designed for. We want our ideal customer. When you...