The Mum Guilt of the Juggle!

Join me for episode 10 of The Juggle is Real Podcast, where I explore the huge topic of Mum Guilt with lovely Danielle, from MilknFizz. Mum Guilt feels all-consuming for so many of us. It’s something that begins during Maternity Leave and we talk about how it is bound to carry on right until our children are adults!

In this episode, we talk about our personal experiences of the guilt switch being turned on, as soon as we gave birth to our babies, and how we try to manage it now they’re growing up. We are really honest in our chat and explain how our feelings of guilt cover all topics: from missing our children when we returned to work; missing our work when we were at home with our children and how we even feel guilty for feeling guilty! If you have ever felt the full force of Mum Guilt, then you are in good company.

Listen to this episode right here

"That thing called Mum Guilt" with Danielle from MilknFizz

The Juggle is Real - Series 1, Episode 10

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