Success is an inside game

During episode 12 of The Juggle is Real Podcast, I have a lovely chat with success and business coach, Cori Javid, about the vital importance of working on our Mindset to allow us to thrive in business, parenthood and life.

Cori talks about how Mindset work is key for us to succeed in all areas of our life and how, if we don’t have our Mindset in the right place, then all the pillars that we are trying to uphold will come crashing down. Having been on a journey with my own Mindset, during my first year in business, I know the importance of this brilliant topic. As Cori says: “success is an inside game”.So, if you are launching a new product or service, we share some great tips of how you can rehearse for success – rather than rehearsing for failure – and how this work will help you to stay on the right track for success in your business, parenthood and life.

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"Why mindset is more than a nice to have" with Cori Javid

The Juggle is Real - Series 1, Episode 12

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