Can I start again, if things don’t work out?

In the final episode of Series 1 of The Juggle is Real Podcast, I talk with one of my best business pals Danni McCabe, from Mama Tribe, about how she started from scratch after her first business – quite literally – burned to the ground.

Danni is a brilliant inspiration for anyone who comes up against a huge business challenge because, rather than allow her first business ending to stop her from success, she has gone on to launch a second business alongside her young family. She talks about taking what she learnt the first time round to make changes to how she approached her business and how she now manages her priorities. We chat really honestly and openly about our ups and downs in business and, together, we explore the things that help us to keep pushing and striving, even when the Juggle gets tough and is, most definitely, very very real!

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"Starting again and why you can do it" with Danni from Mama Tribe

The Juggle is Real - Series 1, Episode 13

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