Once you’re out you never want to go back


In episode 2 I interview my good friend, Louise Rowland, who ran two businesses initially alongside her young family. Louise and I used to work together back in our corporate days and in this episode we have a proper chat about the lack of flexible working options that, sadly, we faced when returning from maternity leave and how our different roles meant that our options were varied.


We discuss the positives of flexible working and job share opportunities, as well as the importance of asking employers for a trial in this. We both feel passionately about advocating flexible working for everyone – parents and non parents, and we talk about the need for us to teach corporate companies of the benefits of having flexible work opportunities for their employees.

We discuss the pros and cons of owning your own business and why, ultimately, neither of us would go back to working for somebody else.

This is a very exciting episode as we are joined by my youngest podcast guest yet: one year old Margot, who makes an appearance towards the end!

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"Breaking the corporate chain" with Louise at Fleurir Creative

The Juggle is Real - Series 1, Episode 2

Find out more about Louise and Fleurir Creative here:

Visit: www.fleurircreative.com

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