Saying no can actually be good for you and your business.

In episode 3 I have a brilliant chat with my friend and all-round wonderful human, Nicky Raby. If you don’t know her, Nicky has a portfolio career that covers acting and coaching. In our chat, she admits that she has learnt the hard way that saying ‘no’ (both at home and professionally) can be the most powerful thing and, actually, be a far more positive tool than you might originally have thought.

We discuss how learning to say ‘no’ as parents, when our children became toddlers, actually helped us to say the word more in our business lives. We reflect, honestly, about the vulnerable early days of being a business owner and talk about how our mutual ‘people pleaser’ personalities were more of a hindrance than a help, when we started our businesses. Our confidence at saying ‘no’ in business has increased, as has our knowledge of the greater good that this can provide. Nicky explains how, by setting up her clients with a clear order of work, that expectations are set and there aren’t any awkward pauses or ‘who is paying for the coffee?!’ moments.

In this episode, we explore the importance of being strict with yourself and setting clear, business boundaries. I share my use of the ‘Out Of Office’ as a freelancer and the strength that this can take to put in place. I hope that you enjoy and take away some fab, useful tips as to how you, too, can find power and strength in saying no in business.

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"The power of saying No" with Nicky Raby

The Juggle is Real - Series 1, Episode 3

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