Riding the freelance see saw

In episode 6 of The Juggle is Real Podcast, I chat to the brilliant Steve Folland, who runs the Being Freelance Podcast and Facebook group for freelancers. Steve has been a freelancer for over a decade and he shares some great insights into how he has learned to manage the balance between work and family life. We admit that the feeling of balance is never really achievable and that we spend more time beating ourselves up about trying to achieve it, rather than acknowledging how well we are doing! We talk about how there is always a rolling to and fro feeling of keeping things in focus. I admit how, particularly at the start of my business, I felt that my work/life balance had been a lot easier in the corporate space, because I had set hours and boundaries were clearly defined.

We share anecdotes and tips for managing The Juggle (the ringing doorbell delivery man is your friend!) and we are your friendly ears of support when it comes to realising that, actually, we are all spinning many plates at the same time and that doing your best is absolutely, blooming wonderful!

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"The Balancing Act" with Steve Folland from Being Freelance

The Juggle is Real - Series 1, Episode 6

Find out more about Steve Folland here:


Visit: www.beingfreelance.com/

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