First Steps

You want to start your own business – that’s amazing!

You want to target parents and children? Even better because you are in the right place.

I know what it’s like to have that lightbulb moment and see your business vision in all its glory. It’s such an exciting time. But what’s next? You’ve got your idea all planned-out but now you’ve reached a wall – a technical and marketing wall…

“How do you get everything together online?!”

Fear not! While having your business online is a necessity these days, overwhelm isn’t. The services below cover everything I offer to get your business noticed by your ideal customers – from day one.



A business website is one of the biggest investments you’ll make when starting up. It’s where you’ll drive your parent buyers to, and a crucial place for them to learn about your brand.

Your website is a visual showcase of your business – and how you’re different! It needs to be taken seriously from the start. You’ll be glad to know, I’m experienced in creating websites that have all the important elements to make great – no wait, make that FABULOUS – parent-attracting business sites.

5 page Website

Are you a service-based business? Like a baby and toddler class, or a VA to busy parent business owners? This is the website package for you.

Let me help you effectively showcase your business and cleverly direct your ideal customer to get in touch or make a booking.

I’m here to create a website that looks brilliant and works smoothly on all devices – plus, it will load fast to satisfy those busy parent fingers.


* Bespoke Website

* Client Homework – to really get you thinking about your business and what you want from your website.

* 3 PSD Design Mockups – for you to look at your design and discuss your thoughts.

* Basic SEO Integration – so your new website will be hitting the ground running with SEO.

* Basic Back Up Integration

* Links to Social Channels

* Blog Set Up (if required)

* 2 x  Review Skype Sessions

* 1 x Training Skype Session – to help you feel completely confident in using your new website.

* Connection to Google Analytics – so that you can then start understand your audience and visitor’s behaviour to help enforce your marketing decisions.

* Verified site in Google

Store Website

A store website is an online space for your business transactions to take place. The place where parents come to browse (and buy!) your beautiful baby clothes or must-have nursery items.

Your customer’s time is precious. They only have small pockets of time to make their buying decisions. Which is why a fast, functional, and aesthetically pleasing website is crucial – making their shopping experience super easy.


Bespoke Website

* Client Homework – opening your mind about your business and what you want from your website.

* 4 PSD Design Mockups – for you to see your website come to life before it’s built.

* Creation of 10 Product Pages

* Basic SEO Integration – so that your store has the SEO it needs to get started and grow.

* Basic Back Up Integration

* Links to Social Channels

* Blog Set up (if required)

* 2 x Review Skype Sessions

* 1 x Training Skype Session – running through how to use your site on a daily basis and make changes if needed.

* Connection to Google Analytics – so you can learn about how your buyers interact with your website and how they find you.

* Verified in Google

* SSL Certificate Installation

* Connection to Payment Gateway

Is this for me?

There are plenty of places you can create a website for free. But building a gorgeous website, that sells, takes expertise and TIME. Time that will be taken away from working on other aspects of your business – like getting people excited about your launch.

As an experienced web designer, I am here to save you that “oh so precious” time when launching.

Perfect if: you want to skip the learning curve and technical infuriation of going DIY, and enjoy a professional, custom-designed and on-brand website that parents will love.


Social Media

Businesses starting out on Social Media are prone to overwhelm. You need to pinpoint where your audience is, what platforms you need to be on, and how to build that ever important “engagement”.

But Social Media doesn’t have to be scary, you can make it work for your business and build customer relationships, loyality and trust – the key to making sales. Social Media is a fantastic way to create build awareness and build connections with other businesses too.

Let’s help you get to grips with the right social media platforms for your business so you will feel confident you’re representing your business in the right way!

Let’s Get Social

Just starting your Social Media journey but don’t know where to begin? This is the service for you. It includes all the key steps to getting you started so that you are showcasing your business and brand the right way from day one.

Look to find out what "Let's Get Social" includes:

Analysis of where your audience are hanging out online – so you know where to get their attention.

Assessment of the right Social Media platforms – so that you know what to use for your business, focusing on platforms that increase sales.

Creation of up to 3 of your selected social profiles – including correct size and resolution profile images/cover photos and company information, so you guarantee a professional aesthetic.

3 x first post ideas – for up to 3 channels to get you started in the right direction.

“Getting Started” Skype Strategy Session 1x hour –  so you know exactly how to progress following our time working together and grow your channels.

INVESTMENT – £325.00


Is this for me?

Unsure of where to begin and how to create the best first impression with social media? Then this is the package for you.

I want you to feel confident with social media from launch, so that you know exactly how to plan, create, and publish content that connects with the right audience – parents.


Email Marketing

With so many ways to reach customers online what better way than straight to their inbox?

The best bit is that people who have signed up to recieve information by you means they are already interested in what you do in your business, they want to hear from you.

Knowing where to begin with Email Marketing can be hard and you want to make sure your communications are consistent with your branding and the feel of your business. Want to get started? Let’s go!

Sign Up Here

So, you want to reach your customers in a new way? Giving them the first glimpse at products and offers. You want to provide them with insightful content from your latest blogs and build customer loyality though birthday emailsm rewards and more! You want to start Email Marketing.

With this service, I will help you to press “send” with confidence. We will work together on building your Email Marketing strategy and look at what platforms to use like Mailchimp or Mailerlite (Don’t panic, I’ll talk you through it!)

Then we’ll hit the ground running and focus on growing your list. That’s right, we’ll find you more customers.

Want to make them "click"? Let's see what this project includes:

“Getting Started” strategy session 1x hour – so that we can work together to finalise your goals and objectives for your email marketing.

Email Platform research – there’s lots of choice out there and I’ll look into the right one for your business.

Set up of your choice of platform – sometimes new systems can take time to get your head around, I’ll make sure your set up and ready to go.

Creation of 2 x Sign Up confirmation messages – let’s get your email marketing working from the start by having branded sign up messages.

Creation of 2 x Email Templates – so you can save time creating new templates and have some options to kick start your email marketing.

Calendar Planning – let’s get those ideas on paper and build a plan so you know what you want to focus on.

Mini Training Session 30 mins – so you feel confident using your email system.

INVESTMENT – £450.00


Is this for me?

Everyone you know in business uses Mailchimp and you’re asking yourself how do I do it? How to I create emails that make my business shine? Well have no fear as I am here to help you do just that.

This package is designed to help you get a 100% started, understand how email sending providers, like Mailchimp, work and help you start planning your own campaigns and grow your list.


Digital Strategy

You’ve got your plans and you’re ready – you’re ready to really tackle online marketing for your business, but you’re feeling stuck – “where do I start pulling it together?”

I know that having a strategy in place can really help your business soar. Bringing all the digital marketing elements into one plan and seeing how they can work together and support each other can really help your business reach its audience. It’s becomes a powerhouse of activity and means you always know what your goals are and how you are going to achieve them.



Is this for me?

There are so many aspects when it comes to launching a business, that Digital Marketing is part of a very long list of To-Do’s. There’s so much to think about how you can reach your audience online and if you’re feeling overwhelmed starting out then I want to help you feel confident and know how to pull all your ideas together.

Perfect if: you are just launching and want to have a comprehensive plan of action for your online marketing activities.

Ready to go?

Great, let’s have a chat

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