Let’s get Goal Setting!

Fed up with staying up way past bedtime thinking of all the things you need to do?


Want to be clearer and have more focus?

You need to start setting goals!

But Goals are boring Maxine, they won’t help me, I lose focus too easily, I never achieve them with everything I have to do.


If this is you, then chances are you might not be setting the right ones to bring the best out of you and your business and I want to help you do that.

Goals are fun.


I know, I said it. I said Goals are fun and I am telling you the truth. Goals don’t have to be this huge scary things that put you off doing stuff. They can work in your favour and help you stay more focused and tick some major things off your to-do list.

What’s holding you back?


Often when it comes to sitting down and setting some realistic and achievable goals for your business the biggest things holding you back are:


Time and Knowing where to Start.

I’m going to help you with both.

By knowing how to get started with Goals and learning how to set the right ones to help you achieve in your business and bring the results you want you will save time in all other areas.


How will I do this? You may be thinking.


By having your goals in place you will find you spend your days being more focused with your other activities. You won’t be spending time wondering how to drive traffic to your website and convert browsing parents into buyers – you will know how you’re going to do and more importantly you’ll be achieving it.


Ready to get started?

Grab my FREE 7 page Getting Started with Goal Setting guide which will guide you through what goals are, WHY they should be realistic and how to map them out for your business.