Switching off this Christmas?

We now have three weeks to go until Christmas and while I am so ready for the break (bring it).

For Christmas I like to have a proper break, proper shut down and time off. It’s probably the one time of the year I really wholeheartedly do it (unless I’m on holiday in another country and then I’m also pretty good).

I come off Social Media for the whole time. That’s right no Insta, no Facebook, nothing Social Media for Biz at all. I want time off.

Now I know that this isn’t possible for all businesses and some business owners I know are worried about taking a break from social for so long and what effect it might have on their business “success”. But if you can do it, do it, you will thank yourself later.

Case Study in point – I did it last Christmas like I said. I put a post up saying I was coming off until the New Year. I logged out. But what happened in that time when I was off grid?

When I came back, had I lost followers? I think I lost 5 who probably weren’t my people/potential clients anyway.

Did my business kickstart again in Jan? Of course it did.

Did I struggle for work because I’d been off grid? Nope.

Did I feel guilty? Nope, because I was having time with my family, time for me, time away from it all.

My Christmas Leave was on my signature from the start of Nov, all my clients had been told, my out of office was on my emails also stating I wouldn’t be checking my emails while I’m off either. I returned and all was fine in the world of Digital Bon Bons. Your world will be fine too.

🎄LAST CHRISTMAS…a phone free version 🎄


Last Christmas, I took a break from my phone
And the very next day, I felt so relieved
This year, to continue those feels
I’m doing it extra special.

Last Christmas, I took a break from my phone
And the very next day, I felt so relieved
This year, to continue those feels
I’m doing it extra special.

Once bitten, twice shy
I kept my distance
But you tried to catch my eye
Tell me Insta
Do you recognise me?
It’s been 3 weeks it doesn’t surprise me

(Merry Christmas) I logged out and you vented
Hey look here I’ve logged off and I meant it.
Now I know what a fool I’ve been
I’m shutting down for Christmas

you won’t see me again
(until January 😉)

Last Christmas, I took a break from my phone
And the very next day, I felt so relieved
This year, to continue those feels
I’m doing it extra special.


Lyrics influenced and inspired by the most awesome and overplayed Christmas classic – Last Christmas by George Michael

Ways you can let people know you are off for Christmas

EMAIL YOUR CLIENTS – If you haven’t done this yet, email your clients if your time off over Christmas will affect the work you do for them. Tell them that you’ve already thought ahead (they love that) and you’re going to get it done on x,y,z instead so everything will be up to date still and you’ll be back in touch when you return in January.

IF YOU AREN’T CHECKING YOUR EMAILS TELL THEM THIS – Also let clients know that you won’t be checking your emails over Christmas either. If you need to provide an “urgent” contact situation because of the work you do, do this but give boundaries on what is urgent.

CHRISTMAS DELIVERY BANNERS & CLOSING DATES – If you are a product business ensure that you have the Christmas last orders dates up for your customers and also notices if you too are closing over the Christmas period, a lot of small indies do. Make sure they are clear on your website and also add some text to your delivery page to so that if they do order and want to check info it’s there as well.

UPDATE YOUR ORDER CONFIRMATIONS – Depending on your e-commerce platform you could look at updating your order confirmations to include a specific Christmas message, i.e thanks for their order as we are closed over Christmas this will be processed and dispatch on X when we return in the New Year. People love being kept in the loop and this is a way you can keep people in the know up front.

ADD YOUR HOLIDAYS TO YOUR SIGNATURE – Yep get them on there now if they aren’t already and then as it gets closer bring them further to the top of your signature.

PREP YOUR OUT OF OFFICE – Make sure you have this ready to go when your time off arrives. I also put on here that I won’t be checking emails so people know not to expect a reply until I return in January. 

ADD IT TO YOUR BIO – We know people don’t always see things no matter how many times you talk about it, write about it, video about it. We are in an all consuming world. So you can always put extra touches like adding to your bio in Instagram that “HQ is closed and you’ll be back on XX in Jan 2020. This account won’t be checked in the meantime” – whatever wording floats your boat.

It’s your choice

This is the thing that is really important to remember.


It’s up to you whether you want a complete break, whether you want to stay working, whether you want to check Social Media or your emails. It’s up to you, it’s your business, it’s your life. I think the key is being comfortable and happy with the decision that you make and then keeping that promise to yourself. My husband always says “never a break a promise to yourself” and he’s right, so if I decide to come off that’s exactly what I do and I keep it. The benefits for me personally are too good not too, but you’ve got to decide what you want to do and whatever you do decide…

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