Insight into your online marketing

How are you feeling in your business right now?


A bit stuck?

A bit blah?

Maybe you built this business completely on your own and now you’re wondering if you’re missing something?

A trick? An idea? A better way to convert customers and clients?

You need…

A fresh pair of digital eyes!

Yep, that’s me. I’m going to be the fresh eyes looking into your marketing. Think of me like a Mystic Meg except with a computer and not a crystal ball, however I’m just as powerful.
I am uber geeky when it comes to looking at, analysing and idea generating for your marketing and business. I pride myself on looking objectively at what you’re currently doing, what’s working and what isn’t but most importantly how you can improve things to grow a profitable business.


Sounds exciting right?

Great! I love that feeling. Here’s how we can work together.

Let me Audit your marketing

In three weeks you will have fresh new insight into your marketing activities


You will feel:

  • Inspired and see your business in new ways
  • Have actionable steps you can take to strengthen your online marketing
  • Feel confident with how you can make changes to your business

I know from being in business that sometimes it can all get too much.

We are doing so much all the time from actually delivering the business on top of marketing it. Sometimes, we get stuck.

You’ve been doing what you’ve been doing since the beginning, you learned everything as you go but you know deep down there are things missing, the dots aren’t connecting and to move your business on you need to get clear, confident and know how you’re going to take your business forward.


“It was Brilliant. You were so helpful and gave practical, easy to implement solutions to problems. It also gave me a confidence boost and I felt that you understood the brand and what our values are, whilst giving me tips which will lead to results.

I feel like [my challenges] are all achievable and have been broken down into smaller chunks which I can implement. Thank you for such a positive experience which was super friendly whilst being professional. Thanks Maxine! x”

Meg – Owner of Nursery Edit

What’s involved:

Week 1
The Workbook

To start you will be sent a “Delving into your Business” Workbook to complete and return to me.

Then, we’ll hop on a 30 min call via Skype or Zoom to talk through your workbook so that we can discuss your current challenges, your messaging, your ideal customer and your goals ideas.

Week 2
The Audit

To help you move forward I need to look at what you are currently doing in all areas of your online marketing. This will give me a clear understanding of what’s missing and how you can improve. This is what I’ll audit:

Your Website – looking at the front end experience and what it’s like for your customers and clients, analyse your stats and how traffic is coming to you, checking your SEO and appearance in search engines, go through functionality on the front end on Desktop and Mobile ensuring your customer’s journey is top notch and what pages could do with some love and attention.

2 x Social Media Platforms of your choice – I’ll take a deep dive into your social activity on your platforms, the content your posting and how your engagement rates are with your audience. Identify ideas you could try and how you can improve relationships and subsequently sales.

Your last 6 x email marketing campaigns – I want to see how you are building your email list, what content you are delivering and how you can find new ways to increase your open and click-through rates while dazzling people’s inboxes.

Week 3
Time to talk it through

This is where we will go through everything in my audit and recommendation report.

So get the kettle on, your favourite snack and notebook and let’s dive into your marketing!

This session is done via Skype or Zoom using video share screen and will last 2 hours.

You receive a copy of the recommendation report and audit findings at the end of the session.

“This is amazing…I’m all excited”


This is brilliant to hear!


I am excited for you because I LOVE shining a light into your digital marketing and showing you what you can do to strengthen your message, your activities and feel confident while doing it – YES!


Want to talk about how this could work for your business?
Let’s have a chat


Hop on a FREE 30 min consultation call with me and we can discuss how it all works, what the ultimate outcomes are for you and how you’re going to feel in your business going forward.