Juggling parenting and being their own boss, meet Ingrid from Dec + Dash Legal Consulting


Hello, I’m Ingrid. I’m a wife, mum of two young (and energetic) boys, lawyer and founder of Dec + Dash Legal Consulting. My husband and I are from Australia and we came over to the UK on a two year working holiday visa. Six years, a sponsorship, a new business and two babies later, we’re still here and loving our life! I love being part of this supportive, inclusive and positive community of small business owners trying to create something outside the norm.


Tell us about your business baby

Prior to starting my legal consulting business, I spent almost 10 years working as a commercial lawyer in courts, law firms and in house. I love the law (#lawnerd) and I love finding solutions to make things work better.

After having my second child, I struggled to find a way to parent the way I wanted whilst still working in a field I love. As the same time, I was finding so many people, parents especially, who were running amazing businesses but getting stuck with their contracts, agreements, policies and the myriad of other legal considerations that come with starting a business.

I started Dec + Dash Legal Consulting in order to make legal compliance straight-forward, accessible and easy to understand so business owners can feel confident that they’re doing all the right things and can focus on the stuff that gives them joy.


What’s your why?

I’m not sure if it’s allowed, but I have two whys. The first is definitely my family. It’s important to me to spend quality time with my husband and children, and to be present for them as much as I can be. I don’t want to work so much and so hard that my children only see an exhausted, unhappy mum.

My second why is other mums like me. I know what it feels like to love motherhood, and to also love having a career. It thrills me when I am able to help women with the legal stuff in their business, so they can focus on doing and creating their incredible, life-changing, much-needed ideas, products and services.


What do you find the hardest bit about doing the juggle?

I often find it very challenging to switch off from work and be present with my family. I frequently feel a pressure to be on and available any time of the day, night or weekend. This is something I’m working on every day, and doing little things like turning off my notifications in the evenings and on weekends, and limiting my use of social media during “mum time”, is really helping with this.


Who’s in your support network?

My husband David is definitely my biggest supporter. Often when I don’t feel very confident or lose sight of my achievements, it’s David who is shouting about the great things I have done or created. He’s also always easing my mum-guilt when I feel that I’m not giving my children enough, and reminding me of all our little parenting wins.

Next is most definitely the parent-business-owner community that I feel so lucky to be a part of. Communities like Maxine’s Digital Dreamers Playground, Doing It For The Kids and Mama Tribe are just some of the places where I feel completely supported. Everyone is so willing to share their knowledge, expertise and experience, no question is ever too silly, and we put #womensupportingwomen into action every day. I know for sure that I wouldn’t be where I am without this community and the wonderful people in it.


If only you knew then what you know now…

When I started my business, I thought I had to do everything on my own. I thought I had to learn every aspect (including marketing, accounting, building a website, social media marketing, etc) and master these things myself. I now know that there are *so* many brilliant and talented people who live and breathe these things, and I would much rather rely on my community of actual experts, than to try (unsuccessfully) to wear all the hats all the time. My motto whenever possible is “let the experts, expert” 🙂


What’s your favourite inspiration quote?

It’s my constant reminder that the good things come and go, the bad things come and go, so I try not to hold too tightly to either. It also helps me when I’m over-thinking things, to remember that nothing lasts forever and whatever is bothering me now will most likely be completely forgotten a month from now.

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