Well this is rather exciting


In episode 1 of my brand new podcast, I explain my aims in starting out on this exciting new journey and let you know what it’s all going to be about: where the ambition to start a podcast came from; some of the topics that I’ll cover; the awesome business pals I’ll be interviewing and I give you a sneaky peak into my belief in the importance of communities for business owners.

I had a section in my monthly newsletter where I write about The Juggle is Real and I really wanted to explore more of that content, and this medium just seemed like the perfect next step for me. As an avid podcast fan, I’m so excited to share my first episode with you and let you all get to know me a bit better. If you listen to the end you’ll definitely find out a little secret about me! I’m so thrilled that you’re along for the journey and hope that you love this podcast as much as I have loved making it. As ever, please share and let me know what you think!


Listen to this episode right here:

"What's this all about then?" - I started a podcast

The Juggle is Real - Series 1, Episode 1