Tell us about you:

Hi! I’m Emma, 27 and from Lancashire. I live with my husband, two cats, Pippin and Luna and I am mummy to 7-month-old Isabella, who is the inspiration behind Isabella and Us. I watch way too much Netflix and eat an insane amount of biscuits and am a qualified Teacher for 16+ Education in Photography too.


Tell us about your business baby:

Isabella and Us. was started four weeks after I gave birth to Isabella and it came from the struggles I had during those first four weeks. I design everything myself at home and I have put so much of myself and my experiences of motherhood into what I produce. Everything I design is focused on promoting positive wellbeing and making parents feel like they are ‘Winning’. Since being diagnosed with PND when Isabella turned 5 months old I’ve been using the business as a platform to talk about my experience of PND and my journey to recovery and hopefully raise some awareness of maternal mental health and to help break down the stigma attached.



What’s your WHY?

My WHY is pretty easy – to help other mums and dads feel less alone and to remind them of the amazing job they do. My second WHY is to create a brand and business that follows my dreams and that means I can try and create something that Isabella can be proud of.

What do you find the hardest bit of doing the juggle?

The juggle is hard! When I first launched Isabella and Us. Isabella was still napping loads throughout the day, now I’m lucky if she naps twice and now that she is on the move too (she starting crawling about 2 weeks ago and is already trying to pull herself up on the furniture too) it’s becoming that much harder. I just try and cram in as much as I can when I can. Emails are the bit I find the hardest though as I really need to sit down and work through them all in one go so they are one of the things that get left till last (and my accounts too!)


Who’s your support network?

My support network is just amazing! My husband and mum are so supportive of what I am trying to create and if I am having one of those days where I just feel like giving up they are always there to remind me exactly why I started this little business. I am also lucky enough to be surrounded by some amazing women in business who are just the best for talking about ideas with, collaborating with and are there for the good times and the hard times of business too!

If only I knew then what I know now…

I would have talked more about my experiences of motherhood from the start of launching the business. People really want to know the real you behind all the social media as people buy from people.


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