Hello, Hello – I’ve got a Podcast!

I am a HUGE fan of Podcasts. When I used to do the commute to work either on the train going into London or in my car up the M20 I would put a Podcast on to listen to – anything from funny stories, learning about digital or just plain comedy gold.

They’re brilliant to listen to and it’s been a dream of mine to launch one and now it’s here. The idea for this Podcast came from my monthly newsletter actually because I have a section in there called “The Juggle is Real: Musings of a Parent and Business Owner” and it’s my little section to talk about what is going on in my juggle, how I am surviving, what new challenges have been thrown my way.

Due to my style of writing, which has always been conversational, I felt that this area would make a great Podcast. A place where I can talk to you about these challenges, include a little bit of my “know-how” and speak to people I admire – having a conversation about the topics of juggling both.

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Episode Guide

Episode 1 – What’s this all about then?

Why did I launch a Podcast? Come on Max, what’s this all about. Well I’ll tell you exactly why in this little intro episode.

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Episode 2 – Breaking the Corporate Chain

In this Episode I get to chat to my lovely friend Louise, owner of Fleurir Creative. We met 6 years ago at our corporate job and got pregnant at the same time. We’ve been friends ever since and now both have businesses too. We talk all about Flexible Working, working for yourself, the corporate world and how we never want to go back.

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About Louise: “I’m a brand designer and marketing strategist based in Kent. My goal is to work with wedding businesses all over the world to create a long lasting brand that not only looks good but also helps clients to meet their business goals.”

Website: www.fleurircreative.com

Favourite Film: So hard! Probably Shawshank Redemption.

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Episode 3 – The Power of Saying No

I’m chatting to my lovely friend Nicky Raby who I met back in February 2017, it was an eyes across a busy table kind of thing at a meet up and since that day we have been friends. I worked with Nicky in the past and one of the great topics we have spoken about is saying no and what that looks like in business and in parenting, so we thought why not share that with you. Maybe you struggle with it like we do?

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About Nicky: “I’m a Actor, a Coach, a Writer, a Speaker, a Podcaster and a Mum.”

Website: www.nickyraby.com

Favourite Film: Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

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Episode 4 – “I can’t start a business, can I?”

Oooh it’s me back on this episode and I’m talking about something that is very important to my journey of how I got here running my own business. I’ve wanted to do it for years but self belief and confidence always held me back, but in 2016 I decided not to let me be the reason why I am not doing things. You might be feeling the same, and I’m here to tell you it’s okay and you can really do this, trust me.

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About Me: “I’m going to think of things that you might not know. I can say the Alphabet backwards, I love vintage and I am a HUGE film fan, hence why I ask my guests about their favourite film because that could make or break a podcast episode for me (just kidding…or am I?).”

Website: You’re here already!

Favourite Film: I have several because I have favourites depending on the mood I am in, plus the classics of course which range from anything like Footloose, Dirty Dancing and Gone in 60 Seconds. I am also a massive fan of the Fast & Furious franchise and often feel like being a street racer when taking on the Dartford Crossing alongside the 30 others trying to get in the right lane.

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Episode 5 – Working towards the Future

Are you currently on Maternity Leave and soon heading back to the office? How are you feeling? In this episode I’m talking to Charlotte Speak about returning to the office and how we both felt doing it. Charlotte has recently launched Winging It Mama – Coaching for parents heading back to the corporate world after having children, but also working with the companies to see how they can manage the transition better.

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About Charlotte: “I coach Mums who are heading back to work after maternity leave or a period of time away. I absolutely love what I do and it’s all part of a bigger mission so many of us are on – equality for all! I’m a wannabe baker, a failing book worm, a wife to a theme park enthusiast and a Mum to two girls who are (and always will be) my proudest achievement. My guilty pleasure is trash TV – Love Island and Celebs Go Dating are my favs. I’m most relaxed when I’ve got a candle burning.”

Website: www.wingingitmama.com

Favourite Film: Please can I have two? I need two! Pretty Woman and Dirty Dancing.

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Episode 6 – The Balancing Act

We all want it don’t we? That elusive “Work/Life Balance”. It powers why we start our own businesses, to have that control on how much work and life interact with each other. I know as a new business owner I am trying to get that balance back and who better to talk to about it then Steve Folland from the Being Freelance Podcast. Many of you will probably already know Steve and his amazing “radio voice” but if you don’t check out the links below. Hope you enjoy the episode. 

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About Steve: “I worked as a radio producer/presenter for over a decade – eventually managing the on-air side of a radio station. But all the while freelancing on the side as a producer, script writer, presenter, video editor… Quit my job at the end of 2013 to be full time self-employed as a video/audio producer, working from home to be able to take our two kids to school/nursery. At the time our youngest was 9 months old. In 2015 launched Being Freelance podcast – followed by the vlog in 2016. So yep, 3 years of chatting to freelancers for the podcast each week!”

Website: www.beingfreelance.com

Favourite Film: Bugsy Malone

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