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The Juggle is Real:

Musing of a Parent and Business Owner

I am a HUGE fan of Podcasts. When I used to do the commute to work either on the train going into London or in my car up the M20 I would put a Podcast on to listen to – anything from funny stories, learning about digital or just plain comedy gold.

They’re brilliant to listen to and it’s been a dream of mine to launch one and now it’s here. The idea for this Podcast came from my monthly newsletter actually because I have a section in there called “The Juggle is Real: Musings of a Parent and Business Owner” and it’s my little section to talk about what is going on in my juggle, how I am surviving, what new challenges have been thrown my way.

Due to my style of writing, which has always been conversational, I felt that this area would make a great Podcast. A place where I can talk to you about these challenges, include a little bit of my “know-how” and speak to people I admire – having a conversation about the topics of juggling both.

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