Power Hour Sessions

a quick marketing win in 60 mins

This is for you if:

You want to get clarity in an hour
Feel empowered and invigorate about your business
Solve those niggles that have been on your mind for weeks

Power Hour Sessions are a brilliant way to tackle a small digital marketing challenge in 60 mins.

Maybe you have an idea you’ve been wondering about and want to talk it through with someone? Perhaps you’re new to Instagram and want to know how to get started with it? 

These sessions combine consultancy and coaching in 60 wonderful mins. 

“Before we spoke my to-do list was overwhelming. More stuff got added quicker than I was completing it. Today we are down to a page and that includes what we need to do until the end of next month. Woo Hoo. It is awesome. ”


Laura from Pop and Punch

on a Digital Bon Bons Power Hour Session

“Thank you so much for your help! I feel really inspired and far more focused now. Thank you! I loved that in addition to helpful, genuine feedback and theory I received actionable, instantly applicable tips to improve my marketing.”


Victoria from Bear and Bloom

on a Digital Bon Bons Power Hour Session

Tea, Biscuit, Ready to work

Quite often in business when we are tackling our marketing we just need to talk things through with someone who knows, who gets it and can help us go from feeling like “we don’t know how” to “YES I can” (coo-ie that’s me).

I want to be your Digital Cheerleader – I am in the corner rooting for you and most importantly I am here to help you get past your challenges with confidence.

How the sessions work

You will be given a mini questionnaire when you book asking you about what you would like to focus on during our hour together and the outcomes you’d like to achieve – answer as honestly as you can to get the most out of our session.

These sessions are perfect for how to’sclarity around an idea or a boost of confidence surrounding being seen online.

If you want more in-depth on-going mentoring and support please take a look at my Bespoke Marketing Mentoring or if you’re wanting help in creating a strategy and plan for your marketing take a look at my Digital Marketing Strategy Days.

Remember I am all about the organic when it comes to online marketing, so if you want to talk about Social Media Advertising I have some fab recommendations of fellow marketing ladies you can talk to about Ads, just let me know.



How to book:


You can book your session right here –  just find the date and time you want, book, pay and you’re in the diary!