Wow – what an episode. I am thrilled to be talking to Tamu, owner of Three Sixty.

Tamu lives for joy. She reached a point in her life when she realised it’s not about the “shoulds” anymore and that life is for joy. Tamu owns lifestyle brand Three Sixty. It’s aimed at busy women in their late 30’s and 40’s that want to simplify life and create space for everyday joy. Joy through acceptance and working on ourselves.

I first saw Tamu speak at the Doing it for the Kids meet up earlier this year and I knew I wanted to talk to her more about joy, how we don’t give it the attention it deserves and also it made me reflect on how many “shoulds” I am still doing. 

We cover so much in this episode – judgement loops, being conditioned, being a company of one, self employed life and more. Honestly all the good things!

It’s been an absolute pleasure to discuss all things joy with Tamu. She is such an inspiration – honestly I felt mesmerised the whole episode.

We hope you enjoy it too.

Listen to the episode here:

"Why Joy is an essential, not a desirable" with Tamu from Three Sixty

The Juggle is Real - Series 2, Episode 10

Find out more about Tamu & Three Sixty here:



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