Now I have a confession – this episode was actually recorded about 6 months ago. Frankie’s little girl is now a year old and time has certainly flown.

The reason this episode is getting shared now is because I wanted to intentionally save this lady for last. Frankie holds a very special place in my heart because she was the first person I ever connected with via Instagram. She has been so integral to my business journey and I am honoured to call her a friend. To me Frankie IS COMMUNITY. She is everything that that word means and she embodies it. She is completely generous with her time, her passion and her mission of letting every self employed parent know they are never alone – ever.

In this episode we talk about the power of community and what Frankie has created with Doing it for the Kids certainly has power. It’s grown in the last few years from a blog sharing freelancing and self employed parent stories to a highly engaged Facebook community, to real life meet ups with biscuits and hugs PLUS a podcast too, where her and Steve Folland answer a question from the community each week.  Frankie does all of this for FREE I might add…FREE.

We talk about her journey with Doing it for the Kids and why community is so important. We hope you enjoy the episode.

There is another reason why I saved her until the last. I wanted her to be my last ever guest. The podcast is ending. This is the last episode. So excuse the mention of “next episode” in the recording because there won’t be one this time. It finishes with me and my pal.

I have thoroughly enjoyed hosting this podcast. I created it because I wanted to have conversations with other jugglers like me, to learn from them and their insight and hopefully make someone listening at home know that they aren’t alone in how they feel at any point.

THANK YOU to everyone who has supported it, who has listened, shared and enjoyed the episodes. I really do, truly, value your time and support. It hasn’t been an easy decision to make and I am sad to bring it to a close.

Listen to the episode here:

"The power of community" with Frankie from Doing it for the Kids

The Juggle is Real - Series 2, Episode 11

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