It was an absolute pleasure to talk with Anita. In recent years things have really changed for Anita. She met the love of her life, she’s had two babies, the first was at 40 which inspired her blog of the same name, and she continues doing the career she loves – singing. 

Anita uses song to express a lot of what is going on in her life and in this episode we speak about voice. Particularly, finding your inner voice and how to listen to that above the noise and chatter around you. She shares her tips on how she has found her voice after becoming a mum later in her life and how she uses that to find the right balance between motherhood and still being her. 

We hope you enjoy the episode.

Listen to the episode here:

"Finding your voice in business and motherhood" with Anita Ryan

The Juggle is Real - Series 2, Episode 6

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