Claire is an Early Years Specialist and Play Coach, plus the brains and amazingness behind Play Hooray. The home of Play Prompts that help us parents with inspirational play ideas. Claire is so creative with her play ideas. She has a You Tube channel, she goes Live on Instagram every day at 10am and she has created such a wonderful community around play. She is a godsend for parents – truth!

In this episode Claire and I talk about staying playful as a business owner. How does she do it when her whole business is play? Being your own boss means you are often pulled in so many directions, as with parenting and I know that business can be all consuming for me. So how do we step away and stay playful? Take that time for those around us and for us too. Claire shares her insight of building her business around play but also how that helps her take stock and disconnect, and how it also helps and inspires ideas too. 

We hope you enjoy the episode.

Listen to the episode here:

"Staying playful as a business owner" with Claire at Play Hooray

The Juggle is Real - Series 2, Episode 8

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