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Digital Marketing – more fun, less overwhelming


I want you to have fun when it comes to marketing your business online. I know that often keeping on top of how you “should” be marketing can be overwhelming and often how do you know whether that’s the right way to go for your business? Every business is unique, we all have differences whether that’s what we offer or our customers. This is why when we work together it’s bespoke to you and what you do.

I want your marketing to be FUN.

It provides the opportunity to be creative and I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed or lost with what to do. I want to help you feel confident in marketing your business and attracting your ideal customers.  If you’re not sure which service might be right for you or you’re not clear on what help you need we can hop on a call and talk it through together.



A Strategy Day to help you focus, set goals and end with a plan of action on how to achieve them.


3-month consultancy and coaching working one-to-one to help you achieve in your marketing.


Fresh digital marketing eyes into your business. Helping you identify where you can grow and develop.

Power Hours

Power Hour Sessions to help you focus in 60 mins on one of your digital marketing challenges.


Learn how to master Digital Marketing in 1-1 training sessions, workshops or online courses


“We are so much better informed and have hugely enjoyed working closely with Maxine…..thank you so very much, we are eternally grateful for your time and hours upon hours of work!”

Louise & Kate – Craft & Crumb


“Loved working with you!  Sometimes digital services can be a tad patronising and confusing and I loved you’re down to earth advice and approach. It was a bit like getting some really excellent advice from a great mum friend in the coffee shop.”

Penny – Ninery

“Absolutely loved working with you and was very impressed with the analysis that you did. Comprehensive and very well laid out making it easy to interpret and understand. Your ideas were also invaluable and have really opened my eyes to what I can achieve using different methods.”

April – Prenderland Books

Want to have a chat?

Let’s hop on a call.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what help you need. We’re so involved in our businesses and we know we need someone from the outside to give advice or guidance but there are so many things swirling around our heads we’re not sure where to start or what might be the best option. 
This is why it’s always best to start with a nice, friendly chat and go from there.