Social Media for business is a minefield. Full Stop.

When you’re the boss of your small business Social Media can take up a huge amount of time. It’s also impossible to ignore. With more and more customers buying online than ever before and customers turning to social media for customer service, the pressure is on.

I hear busy parent bosses say how Social Media is a complete unknown world to them. Many of us use it in our personal lives but having a profile on Facebook and then making Social work for your business are two very different things.

To help with this I have gathered together some short and snappy tips to help get you up and running with Social Media.

Look, but don’t touch

Before joining any social media platform you need to conduct research. You need to think about your brand/business and your audience. Ask yourself what platforms will your customers be on? Which ones do they interact with? Think carefully about what social media platform will be best for your business.

Fingers in all the pies

A golden rule is not to join every platform because everyone else is on there. This is why the research is so important. You do not need to be on every platform for your business to get noticed. It is far better for you to identify which would be the best platform for your target audience and your business and use that then spread yourself too thin on everything.

I need a little time

Social Media takes a lot of time. Again this is another reason not to be on platforms you don’t need to be because you will soon find that you can’t keep up with having regular shared content. There is definitely a reason why Social Media can be someone’s full time job. To be truly successful for business it takes time to research your content, think about what you are posting and when and know that it takes a lot of effort to reach the people you want to reach and build engagement. Success definitely doesn’t happen over night on Social.

The key is engagement

Another common mistake is being too focused on Followers and Likes – Don’t get sucked into the number games. It is far better to have conversations and engagement with people who are following or liking your page than have 5,000 likes but no one talks to you. Work on engagement and the numbers follow naturally. It is through engagement and building relationships that you will build trust and eventually customers and loyalty.

What works for one…

Doesn’t always work for another and the same can be said for Social Media. They are different platforms for a reason. Each and everyone of them has different features, different functions and a different audience. This again is why it is so important to think about what you are posting and on what platform. Instagram is a very visual platform, so you need visuals that are clear and engaging. Twitter you need 140 character statements that are going to get you noticed above the constant noise.

I could definitely expand more on this subject and I will be covering Social Media a lot in my blog posts. Are there any other short and snappy tips that you have learnt from doing social media in your business that you would like to share? If so, I’d love to hear them below.


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