4 Must Have Apps Right Now

I hosted a Facebook live last night in an online group I’m part of called Mamas on a Mission. It’s hosted by the wonderful Lucy Green who runs Brand New Mum. Lucy helps mums really identify their goals and dreams for starting their own business. She has also just launched a great range of notebooks too. I have one and it is my lifeline at the moment for keeping me on track.

In the Live I got asked a few questions regarding apps and which ones I would recommend for busy parent bosses on the go. The wonderful thing about apps is that there are millions of choices that can be downloaded straight to your phone, meaning when you do get a “nap time break” you can get cracking straight in the palm of your hand. Here are my favourite four at the moment:

Canva - on the go app for design


I am really loving this app right now. It is ideal for creating Social Media graphics on the go. You can choose from a variety of templates to customise or even select a template and build your own design from scratch using your own photos, adding text and graphics on top. I love Canva because I can customise my graphics for my brand, I can change the colours to use my colour palette and I can incorporate design elements found on my website. This is ideal for when you need to create a graphic in five mins or even if you want to spend longer on a PC and create a host of them so they’re waiting ready to be used.

Canva also provides you options to create cover photos, blog images, presentations, infographics and more. It is constantly updating its range and template options. Within the functions you can also make a copy of a design you’ve created and then customise that with new text so you keep the consistency with spacing, look and feel.


This is Instagram planning tool heaven. I’ve been using Planoly for a couple of weeks now and it is my new go to tool for Instagram scheduling. Until Instagram change their API we are not going to find an app that will post for us – I cannot wait for that to happen though, the time it would save – but for now we can get as close as possible with prompt reminders. Planoly not only looks beautiful but it is really easy to use on both mobile and desktop.

Planoly Dashboard

It allows for you to upload media in a bank ready for you to select and schedule when you want. It has a brilliant responsive Drag and Drop editor so that you can visually see what would work in your feed alongside your most recent posts, that’s right, it pulls through your Instagram feed so you can see what will work and what won’t. It provides a calendar view so you can see exactly what you have scheduled and provides a mini report at the bottom showing the posts on those days, the likes and the comments – HEAVEN.The Analyze area provides you with statistics on your posts for the Week, delving into followers received and lost, likes, comments and the number of posts you’ve done. If you want to see Month and Year you will need to upgrade the package, which I don’t think is bad for £7.99 – not when you get all of this insight, plus they do offer discounts by bundling month packages, £20.49 per 3 months, giving a 15% discount.

Planoly will change you Instagram planning, you will love it.


For my other Social Profiles I use Buffer. I like the ease of the mobile app and also it’s really good on Desktop too. Sometimes it’s nice to work away from a tiny screen. Buffer allows you to connect 1 social account per platform on the free version so for users like me who are looking at it for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest it’s brilliant.

You can customise you own schedules of when you want to post and using the analytics will help give you ideas on when your posts are best received and to try out new ideas. There is a Drag and Drop function on the desk top version which allows you to move a post into a new schedule if you’ve changed you mind – quick and easy and no hassle of creating the post again from scratch.

Buffer - social media management
You will get deeper insights into your posts with the Business Plan which costs $10 per month. I think it’s a great investment if you are really powering social media in your strategy, what Buffer will be able to provide will be gold dust to your business.


Now it’s not all about productivity on here, sometimes I need to wind down and relax from everything. For this I use Quility. It’s a brilliant app for Mindful Parenting and Meditations. So many people had recommended Mindfulness exercises to me and I’ve been reading quite a few books on Hygge as well and I think since launching the business and balancing a corporate job with parenthood and family life on top I need something to help me wind down, take five and reflect.

Quility has a course inside the app for you to follow, giving you the first two lessons free before you will need to subscribe. It also has audio Tips and Tricks to help you with everything from posture, how to slow down and how to be mindful at work.

These four apps are helping me power my business right now and I couldn’t live without them. I love discovery new apps to help me achieve what I want and need in my business. Having these accessible on my phone is fantastic as when I do get a few spare mins or something springs to mind I can get something scheduled, created or simply take five.

What apps have you found useful? I’d love to know.