How To Create Digital Content Parents Will Love

Share the Joy Media

When I first launched my business I was very fortunate to have discovered a supportive Instagram community quite quickly and lucky for me, within that community was the lovely Saskia, who had also just launched her own business, Share the Joy Media, offering copywriting for the exact same market as me – a match made in heaven or what! I definitely feel like we’ve been on this journey together and I am thrilled she is featuring on the blog and sharing her words of wisdom. If you want your content to shout out to those parents – she is your lady.

Content. Social, blog, web page… us business owners need a lot of it! And coming up with original, authentic, ENGAGING, content that will help drive potential clients and customers to our website is no mean feat! In fact, the thought of getting creative in all these areas can be overwhelming.

Thankfully, creating digital content doesn’t need to be hard. But making it easy-peasy does require a strategy.

Here’s how to go about creating content that works for you and your kids/family brand (aka. content that helps you sell!):

Step 1 – Get specific about audience

So, you’ve started a kids/family focussed business which means you sell to: parents. Surely that’s your target audience, sorted? Not quite. Marketing to parents is the same as marketing to any other cross-section of consumer. You need to dig deeper and define exactly what sort of parents you are targeting – we’re all different after all.

Are your buyers: stay-at-home mums, working dads, high-income homes, families planning a holiday soon, new mums wanting to make breastfeeding easier… The characteristics and circumstances which further define your ideal customer are plentiful.

Here are some details to cover when thinking about your audience – each aspect has an impact on how you communicate to them:

  • Age group
  • Location
  • Marital/Family status
  • Income level
  • Education level
  • Occupation
  • Values
  • Struggles

Step 2 – Be selective with platforms

You want your business to be recognised online. You want to have loads of amazing followers who ‘get’ your brand and love what you post/sell. You want that to happen NOW! The reality is that building a digital following will cost you time and effort (or money) so trying to push forward on every social media network is not the best tactic. Be selective. Find out where your ideal customer hangs out and stick to those platforms first. Strengthen your game on one platform and build your fan base (and confidence) before putting more energy into another platform. You really don’t need to do it all at once; focus on the platform which is going to offer you the best sales conversion rate.

Step 3 – Get clear on your message



Now your target parent is defined, it’s time to get clear on the message you are trying to communicate with them. You may be thinking that every piece of content needs a new message, but the key to attracting buyers is having a super clear and consistent message which you can express through everything you do. Get clear on what this is. What do you want to say about yourself? Perhaps you want people to know that you are ‘the industry’s leading skincare brand’? Perhaps you want people to know ‘you sell kids shoes which adapt and grow with their feet’?

Your job as a digital content creator is to work out how to communicate these statements without using those exact phrases every single time you post. For example:

  • publish content which shows your expertise in an area
  • share customer reviews/photos which rave about you
  • blog about how your products work
  • share other people’s content and build your authority by association

These all help to communicate your ‘core message’.

Step 4 – Put your parent hat on

While every parent is different, there’s much we have in common when it comes to functioning post-baby! We’re squeezed for time, endlessly juggling tasks, and extra hard on ourselves while we’re at it. Keep your content concise, well structured, and give your followers want they want and need. Digestible content is key. Think subheadings, bullet points, quotes, images – make it easy for skimmers who only soak up their content on the loo or waiting at the school gates!

Step 5 – Keep things unique & authentic

If you want to uncover what it is that makes content truly lovable, look at your own digital content consumption. What is it that makes you ‘like’, ‘love’, or ‘lol’? You’ll likely find it’s content that resonates for it’s authenticity. Content that exudes truth, whether it’s coming from a business or an individual. Next time you’re writing a blog post or collating links for your Facebook page, think like your customer while staying true to your values.

By all means, get inspired by your social crushes, but remember your brand is not their brand. Keep focused on how you are unique and add your own spin. Working with someone else to create your content? Ensure authenticity by making sure they know exactly who you are as a business and what makes you different.

Step 6 – Brainstorm!

Once you know what you need to say, it’s time to get creative and come up with the ideas you are later going to produce. Start by thinking on broad topics (like parenting) and then get more detailed on what exactly you could cover to match your brand.

Let’s say, you sell teething accessories. Your broad topics might be: ‘teething’, ‘mother & baby fashion’, ‘first year’. Then you can break these down into more detailed topics like: natural teething remedies, unusual teething solutions, signs of a teething baby, funny teething stories, how to cope with a teething baby, best matching mother & baby outfits, baby safe jewellery ideas… the list goes on!

Step 7 – Think like a pro

Finally, if you want to help your business stand out from the crowd, think like a professional marketer and pay attention to detail. Stop and proofread before your press publish. Read back over your social media posts once they’ve gone live (and edit or re-post if you notice typos or resolution issues). Swat up on the areas you’re struggling with (hopefully this post was a good start!) or hire a content writer who can use their years of expertise to lift your content faster and more effectively than you can.