Why setting goals are good for you and your business

Goal setting doesn’t have to be scary

I want to talk to you about Goals and why they can help you and your business grow and move forward. Now I know sometimes hearing the word “goal” itself can feel scary and overwhelming but I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be. Goals can be fun.

Say what?

Yep, fun. I’m not lying to you. I think the reason why they can seem scary is like when you hit New Year and you say “must go to the gym” and then you feel sad that it’s only four days in and you haven’t even packed a gym kit. There’s that feeling straight from the off that we’re setting ourselves up for a fall. Or a feeling that by setting a goal we are actually taking action towards our version of success and that can be scary. But goals can help us in so many ways.


1) Being focused

By taking some time and thinking of what you want to achieve and how you’re going to do it will keep you focused in your day to day to-do list. Here’s a scenario for you. Say you get to your home office or your place of work for the day for your business and you look at your to-do list. There are about 20 things on there. How do you feel when you see that? I know that when I look at a list like that I often feel like my first thought is that I don’t know where to start. I then feel overwhelmed because I don’t know and then will distract myself by scrolling on Instagram for an hour instead, or making a tea, or tweaking something that doesn’t need to be tweaked. I’m not being productive, I’m being anything but. If anything I am busy doing nothing. Nothing that will grow my business or maintain it, I am avoiding it.

But, if I had started the day with my goals in mind how would that look?

Say I looked at my to-do list the night before and identified three things that I wanted to end the day having done. Just three. Then when I got to my business I started work straight away on the first thing. I find that by doing this I actually not only get that thing ticked off my list but I do it in record time because I’m not distracted, I’m completely focused on that one task and it gets done. Then I move on to number two and so on.


Starting your day with a clear vision of what you want to have achieved by the end will keep you focused, keep you calm and you’ll tick three things off your list and be ready for the tackling more the next day. You’ll feel great, accomplished and end the day on a high.


2) Thinking Bigger Picture

Goals let us have fun. We can think about the things we really want for ourselves, our family and our business. I like to have fun with my business goals and the way I do that is by linking back to reasons that really matter to me.

Now, looking at your business you can set goals related to your social media following (but I’d advise you to think outside this box because you can do better than that and this blog post will help you realise that) or perhaps linked towards web traffic and sales (that’s more like it) but sometimes goals and stats like this can feel so business-like and well let’s face it, a bit “unsexy” haha. If cold hard stats don’t float your boat then I like to approach them like this.

Getting X traffic to my website resulting in X sales means that I can book that weekend away for us as a family to Centre Parcs.

I like to tie my goals into my personal life because my business enables me to have the life I want for us as a family. By doing this I also stay more focused and driven because I know the bigger picture of where this goal will lead me. It gives me more drive to achieve it.

3) Having Structure

Being your own boss is great but also having no one to be accountable to except you can also mean sometimes we drift a little bit. If you work at home like me it doesn’t take much for me to be distracted by the fact the house needs hoovering or there’s another big pile of washing to be done and I have, I’ll be honest, used this more than once to keep myself “busy” away from what I actually need to do. I know that this doesn’t work and because I only have me – which obviously has so many benefits – it means I am on my clock and that can run away sometimes. I need a bit of structure to help me get things done and grow my business.

Goals help me do that. They help me structure my day like in the example I gave in point 1. I can approach my day knowing what I want to achieve by the end and I know that to get this done I need to do the first one before I even open my inbox. Email can be just as dangerous as losing hours scrolling on Instagram. If you can just crack on with achieving your first goal before opening your inbox, trust me, you will feel so good for it.

I can use my goals to structure my whole day between getting them done, client calls and making sure I stay on top of the washing. #winwin

If you’re new to starting the whole goal setting process start small. You don’t have to have everything figured out. Start by day to day and then grow and think bigger, think months or quarterly – however you like to work and what feels right to you. You are in control and remember, have fun with them. They’re your goals after all.


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