Ways to think about your business vision

What do you really want?


I’ve asked myself this question many times. When I first decided to launch a business and work for myself I thought about what I actually wanted. At that time is was to create something that could help people and ultimately lead to me saying goodbye to the 9-5 corporate life. As my business then started and grew I think about this in a slightly different way because now I have that flexibility and freedom to have the career I want on my terms, I now think about what I really really want from my business.

When you’re first launching especially when it’s on top of another job the first vision can be about the business doing “well enough” for you to do it full time. That’s the first goal isn’t it – to do what we love all the time. But it really does help to think about it on a more longer scale too and here’s some tips on how to do that.


Ways to think about your business vision


1) Mixing Business and Pleasure

I definitely feel the two worlds support each other because what I want to achieve in my business is very much linked to what I want for us as a family and the goals we have.

Start by listing down all the things you want for yourself and your family, it can be small or big things. You might like to be able to go to a class once a week or eve hire a cleaner (oh my a cleaner, that’s on my list). Perhaps you want to know for sure that every year you will have a holiday abroad together – it can be whatever you want. One of mine is that we finally decorate the downstairs bathroom.

Once you have your list then start thinking about how your business could get you there. How the business could support you in achieving what you want for you and your family. Can you work out how much the business would need to make for you to say “Yes – come and clean my house once a week”. Or think about what products or services you might need or even thinking about your current prices etc.

2) What does growth mean to you?

I think we can so easily feel that our business vision have to be big, contain loads of big milestones or goals when actually it really depends on what big or growth means to us as individuals. For example, I don’t want to grow into an agency. I don’t want to have employees. I want to stay small, I like being me, myself and I. Now that doesn’t mean I won’t outsource some work to a VA perhaps but in terms of company growth I’m okay with where I’m at.

I’m currently reading a brilliant book at the moment called “Company of One” by Paul Jarvis and I will be writing a book review post once I’ve finished, but this book focuses on exactly this and what it means to grow and how staying small might be the better thing.

Paul touches on numerous points throughout the book about instead of thinking big maybe we should think better instead and I personally love this. I don’t want to be huge, I want to work with soul-aligned clients on the schedule that works for me, the schedule that enables me to do all the other things I love to do to like be with my daughter from 3pm onwards and take trips to the park. Be available for school holidays etc – this is my growth. Plus I just want to be really good at what I do so staying small also enables me to have time and freedom to improve my learning and develop personally.

Have a think about what growth means to you and for your business as this can really help define your vision.

3) Get visual

Now for a vision I like to get visual. I’m naturally a visual thinker so images make sense to me and to be honest it’s why I love platforms like Pinterest and Instagram so much because they’re visual. I’m also a creative so design and how colours and graphics work together completely light me up.

When I’m thinking about the vision for my personal and business life I hit something like Pinterest and create a Vision Board. You might have heard this term spoken about quite a bit or it might be a brand new concept for you. If you’re new to it have a read of “How to create a vision board” blog post to help you get started.

Using all the things I have mentioned about start collating together images, you don’t even have to do this online, you could get a pin board (done this), a scrapbook (done this before too) and get fun and arty with some glue and scissors – be a kid again for a few hours and have fun.

Not only is this really good for the mind and soul but it’s a great way to see that your vision in a very real sense. Plus if you start visualising it from the start who knows what might happen right?

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How to create a Vision Board

Vision Boards that work for you and your business


The power of vision ay? It’s exciting.


Funny enough I thought that I hadn’t really done any vision boarding before starting my business but actually I had. Cleaning out some boxes from my Nan’s loft the other weekend I had found a notebook with some pages covered in cut outs about what I wanted my life to be – this was back in 2007. What was even stranger is that some of the things I had collated together had come true – weird. It was only looking back that I realised and at the same time this was incredibly exciting.

When I first launched my business I hadn’t done a vision board. I was brand new to all of this and it was only when entering my first year of being full time on my business that I started to hear more and more people talking about Vision Boards and why they help. I was intrigued because I am a visual thinker so anything involving being creative I am there with bells on, pass me the scissors and magazines.

Spending time thinking about what I wanted for my life and my business was really helpful. It helped me get clear and also think about what I really wanted from it all. So if you’re new to Vision Boards here is how to can get started in creating your own.


1) Block some time out to think about what you really want.

That’s right, you are going to need to have some special time just for you to think about this stuff and really think about what you want for you, your family and your business. Make sure you have a nice quiet and clear space too, don’t surround yourself with all the things you get distracted by, you want this time.

Have a think about:
What you want for you – i.e. self care days, spa weekends, personal development, better lunches, fitness.
What you want for your family – i.e. holidays, debts paid off, on-going financial security, more days out, flexibility.
What you want for your business – i.e. consistent income, take a course to expand your learning, hire a VA, hire employees.
Think about how you want to feel in all of this as well. Because that is so powerful.

There are no right or wrong answers and go with your instincts, go with what feels right to you, not what you think you should put down.


2) Pick a canvas that works for you

It’s your vision board so think about what feels right for you.

Do you love all things digital? In that case something like Pinterest would be perfect, if you want to have it physically up in your work space maybe grab a big piece of paper and some magazines and get cutting and sticking.
You could use a Pin Board and have it up on the wall. The choices are endless and they’re all filled with fun.


3) Creating a Pinterest Vision Board

Just diving into Pinterest here and how to get started with a board on Pinterest.

Create a new board and make it secret
Give it an inspiring and powerful name that’s going to fill you with excitement
Now start exploring Pinterest and start pinning.
You can, if you wanted a little more organisation, create sections in your board i.e. Home, Family, Me, Business etc but it’s really up to you.

When you are searching through pins go with what your drawn to. If you want to be “debt free”, you search for this and an amazing pin pops up of a lady jumping in the air in front of a confetti canon and you want that to be you – PIN IT.

If you search for “beautiful houses in Greece” because that’s where you want to go on holiday and you see one that feels right PIN IT.

Play with words too – try searching for words that represent how you want your year to feel and PIN THEM.

No second guessing, go with where your fingers and mind takes you.


4) Magazines Cutting and Sticking

I do love a good old collage and this is what this reminds me off and I love things like this because I want to enjoy some time away from the screen every now and again.

What’s great here is that you can use old magazines, things you see in leaflets or even combine Pinterest and this above and print some things out and stick on. Basically wherever you see inspiration for your vision go for it.

Just remember to check in with what you want.


5) Feel excited

Once you have your vision board you want to spend some time with it. Bask in all its amazingness and really feel excited about it.

Ask yourself when its done – “Do I feel excited about this?”

Because the answer at this point should be yes, if it isn’t then let’s look at why you’re not. Is that because you feel your vision isn’t achievable? Do you feel you’ve gone “too big”. We can be filled with so many stories which frame how we look and approach things, so much past baggage that we carry around but this is your vision. If you want it it is totally achievable for you and if you feel you’ve gone too big that could be because the unknown scares us a little, but remember we need fear to keep us moving forward, we can’t stay stuck and this is where a plan comes in handy.


6) “A vision without action is just a dream”

I love dreaming. I’m always dreaming about stuff. To this day I still have the dream of basically being Cameron Diaz in The Holiday and living in LA making trailers for films – that is one of my many dreams. But I also know that I am never going to achieve that if I don’t have a plan to back it up. I may want that so bad but what am I doing to actually make it a reality and get me there?

Now you’ve got your vision board you want to start thinking about your plan. How are you going to get this vision? What action steps, no matter how small, do you need to take to see this vision become your reality?

Look at each thing you have put down and individually write some action points to get you there. Some might be quick wins, this always surprises me how we can think something is so far away and actually by a tiny little step being done its achieved – woop woop! Some might be longer actions and actually take a bit more time and that’s okay – this is your vision remember and you’re in control. When you have your actions go forth and make them happen.

Don’t forget to always check in with your Vision Board. Have it somewhere that you can see regularly to make sure everything you want to do is on track. It’s a great way to help you stay focused and keep momentum moving in your personal life and your business. Plus, always remember this is yours, for you.

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