Intro us about you:

I’m Lucy, Mum to two lovely, energetic and funny little girls: Cora (8 months) and Bea (age 2). I live with my partner, in a lovely, peaceful market town in rural Cheshire, which we’ve just moved to after 10 years of city living in central Manchester. I work from home and run a coaching business called Brand New Mum. When I’m not working, you can usually find me with my head in a self-development book, or escaping the chaos with some trash tv and a big glass of red in hand: my favourite guilty pleasures.

Tell me about your business baby:

Brand New Mum is the business idea I conceived and launched between having my own two children; whilst on mat leave with my first in fact. It’s a coaching business, and my services are designed to support new mothers navigate working for themselves once they have children; be that starting up an entirely new venture or simply adjusting to new ways of working and figuring out how to still grow their business now they have kids to care for too. I offer 1:1 support via coaching programmes, and will be launching workshops and online courses soon as well, focusing on time management, productivity and generally making things happen. I’m all about helping mums to find simple ways to get more done with minimal effort in their businesses – making work as easy, fun and productive as possible amid the chaos of family life.

What’s your WHY?

I’m driven by the desire to help women forge an alternative path for themselves and find their own way to work through motherhood; supporting themselves and growing a business that fits their brand new life.
It came about as I had so many mums around me, who I’d got to know on mat leave, who I realised were dreading going back to work – as was I. What were perfectly good jobs just no longer seemed to fit once the baby had arrived, either because they didn’t stack up financially, weren’t flexible, or because they just weren’t stimulating enough to satisfy any longer. Motherhood changed everything for me, and for many women I knew they were seemingly between a rock and a hard place – not wanting to be a fulltime, stay at home mum, but likewise unable to happily just return to the old workplace once mat leave was over.
I knew these women wished they could do something different that gave them a better, more satisfying and flexible way of bringing in an income, but were held back – often by fear, indecisiveness, or simply confusion over how to make it happen. I realised the coaching and business skills that I’d used in my previous career to support creative entrepreneurs and small organisations could help new mothers deal with the difficult decisions and leaps of faith they were facing, as they got started on their own successful business ventures.

What do you find the hardest bit of doing the juggle?

Not gonna lie, I miss my old-style working life; which included a quiet office, hot coffee and proper lunch breaks! Now I’m more likely to be found working at the dining table ignoring a messy kitchen while the baby naps, or stealing an hour in a cafe while my mum takes the toddler to the park. I also found squeezing work into small windows of the time hard at first, and have worked a lot at staying organised so I can make the most of any unexpected opportunity I get; for example, to fit in a few emails or do an extra social post.
I have to keep working at prioritising myself as well – basic stuff like getting a haircut or booking a health appointment can get put to the bottom of the list too easily, so I always try and factor in my own needs to my to-do list as well as the family stuff and my business workload.

Who’s your support network?

My own mum has been SO important to me in getting my business off the ground and helping me with my own juggle – honestly don’t know how I would have done it without her supporting with the childcare she does, and am eternally grateful. My partner, who is incredibly supportive of my ambitions, and never doubted me for a second even when I handed my notice in whilst on maternity leave with zero savings to fall back on! I also owe so much to the wonderful insta-mum community I discovered online after having my first baby who continue to inspire me, motivate me and be there for me in some very lonely, 3am moments when I’m finding motherhood (and business) tough.

If only I knew then what I know now…

That building a business might take longer, or have more twists and turns than anticipated, but that you can make that stuff in your head become real. So I guess; to keep the faith!

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