Tell us about you:

I’m Mads Panchoo and I run online parenting magazine, THE LONDON MOTHER and online course programme TLM Social. I have 10 years+ experience in sales, marketing and PR and have worked in fields as varied as teaching, television and technology. I LOVE writing. I used to write all the articles myself but now I have a team of (paid) freelancers and I focus mainly on teaching how to turn your passion into a full time job via my TLM Social online courses. My real break came when I started writing an unpaid fashion and beauty blog for HELLO! Magazine Online. I was prepared to write for free to get the on the job training and PR contacts.


Tell us about your business baby:

THE LONDON MOTHER highlights the best in things to do, see and eat in London when you have children. It’s not about me at all – I made the conscious decision not to feature myself or my children. I wanted to be a business owner, not an influencer. My real passion is helping others which I do as a coach and online via my courses at TLM Social. I get great pleasure in showing people, usually parents, how to access the freedom, flexibility (and hard work) that comes from running your own business.


What’s your WHY?

I loved my job when I worked in the city but it was so hard juggling childcare and an office job, and my employer was very flexible as I worked two days in the office and two half days from home. I wanted to break free from the corporate world and really flex my creative muscles and I knew writing was what I was good at and what I loved. I was also pragmatic – I knew I wanted to work for myself but I knew there had to be an audience for what I was going to ‘sell’ and parenting in London was what I was doing so I thought why not write about that. Before long brands were paying me to write and THE LONDON MOTHER was born. Along the way I met lots of women who also wanted to freedom and flexibility that comes with having your own business and after a few in-person coaching sessions, decided to create a course so I could teach everything I knew quickly and at scale.


What do you find the hardest bit of doing the juggle?

Knowing when to switch off. Working for yourself can feel like you’re never not working.


Who’s your support network?

My husband Ryan who runs his own business – a niche, gluten free, vegan bakery Borough 22 and is the yin to my yang. He’s creative and has an eye for colour and scale while I’m all about numbers, Excel spreadsheets and business strategy. He balances me perfectly.


If only I knew then what I know now…

Social media isn’t as important as you think it is. Own your audience via your website and email list; income is more important than follower count.


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