Tell us about you:

Hi, I’m Saskia. I’m a copywriter and content strategist focussed on helping kids and family brands to communicate a confident brand voice and create parent-attracting digital content! I’m also a home-educating mum of 2 amazing little boys (age 5 and 2).

Tell us about your business baby:

I launched Share The Joy Media at the very end of 2016. With the birth of my second son, I decided I really needed to up the enjoyment factor of my freelance copywriting business (which I’ve been running for over a decade – eek!) if I was going to spend any time apart from him. I’d previously had a generalised approach and was writing about things like drone cameras and insurance… Very dull!! I had a think about what topics would never bore me – kids and family related topics – and quickly saw a gap in the market for copywriting/content services tailored to parent-targeting customers.

What’s your WHY?

My biggest WHY is to provide the flexible lifestyle my family and I are privileged to experience. My husband and I decided I would be the sole earner when my first son was born, meaning he looks after the boys when I’m working. My current schedule is a morning of work, an afternoon of play – and then a little bit of catch-up in the evening if needed.

What do you find the hardest bit of doing the juggle?

The rollercoaster nature of it all. And fighting the whole notion of ‘balance’. I love that you’re embracing the ‘juggle’ aspect as I think striving for balance is almost dangerous… Perhaps there are seasons of balance in life… But when you have young children to look after, sometimes they need you more. Sometimes your business needs you more. Sometimes YOU need you more! It really is up and down, and many months I think to myself ‘I can’t do this anymore!!’ and then here I am…

Who’s your support network?

I couldn’t do any of it without my husband. Not just looking after the boys but also trusting me so implicitly in everything I do. He does take interest if I want to chat about what I’m up to (he knows who I’m talking about when I speak about my clients or insta connections) but generally he lets me get on with it. My parents and in-laws are also hugely supportive, even though they are both hundreds of miles away. My faith is also a big part of how I do business and survive the ups and downs.
The support of other parent bosses I’ve met online has been incredible too! I’m so grateful for the Instagram community I’ve found who work so hard on their businesses while still being completely lovely!!

If only I knew then what I know now…

“You’ve still got loads to learn and that will never change!” I started out when I was so young (18) that I clearly didn’t have a clue what I was doing and was completely winging it. Then after a few years in (scratch that, by about 7 whole years in!!) I realised I’d been doing LOADS wrong in terms of prices and business boundaries. I gradually started making changes but took feelings of stupidity with me. “How could I have been doing it like that for so long?!” As I’ve matured, I realise there’s always more to learn and we’re never going to have everything sussed.

Inspiration Quote that you love:

We can’t fix everything in life. We can’t fix all the hurts and injustices we come across. But we can set the best example as possible by being the change we want to see and knowing that others are paying attention (even when we think they’re not). As a parent, I always cling to the fact that my boys will learn most about being a kind, proactive, positive member of society by seeing how I behave than any life lessons I try to ‘teach’.


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