Be championed, be heard, and be supported each step of the way as you build a profitable online presence!

The Treehouse doors are currently closed.

It will be re-opening in Sept 2019.

To be the first to know when the rope comes down and the doors swing open for new members you can register your interest here. 

To find out what it’s all about take a look below!

What if building your business didn’t have to feel like such a juggle? If instead of finding yourself seesawing between enthusiasm and complete and utter stuck-ness, you were able to keep motivated, keep excited and move your business forward with consistency and ease!

Ah, it’s the dream isn’t it. For building and marketing your own business to feel manageable and fun, even with a never-ending to-do list and little people in the mix. To feel confident, encouraged and ready to conquer anything your business requires of you – whether it’s putting together a social media strategy, doing your first Instagram live or conquering the world of SEO.

“After completing a free challenge with Maxine from Digital Bon Bons, I couldn’t believe how much more laser focused I was on planning content for my business. When she opened up The Treehouse I didn’t hesitate to join.

I’m one of those people who is generating a million ideas a minute and Maxine helps immensely in taking my time, sorting out the ideas and working on one idea at a time with a real plan in place. Maxine gives such great individual advice to everyone in the group even though we’re all in different businesses.

It’s one of the best things I’ve ever signed up for and can’t wait to learn more from Maxine and get support from her and the other girls in The Treehouse. It’s a really friendly, great place to be to learning about digital marketing.”


Anne, Anne L Murphy Business

Treehouse Member

I’m Maxine, a digital marketing expert and parent boss cheerleader, and I’m pleased you’ve found The Treehouse!

With so many elements of the digital marketing puzzle to consider, I know it can be overwhelming for small business owners trying to do it all. Which is why I’ve created this exclusive space for you to show up authentically and be supported by other amazing parents in business.

There’s so much more to being seen online than getting your social media right. And my expertise is in helping you master each of the pieces which leads to organic (non-ad based) traffic to your website. Traffic from your ideal customers that will convert into SALES. Woo hoo!

Through The Treehouse, I’m here to help you to discover that conquering all things digital can actually be enjoyable.

Join The Treehouse and you will:

Blast through your digital marketing blocks and master business planning so you can finally get unstuck in those areas which never get ticked off the to-do list.


Connect with like-minded business owners who ‘get it’ – business plus family life is a juggle but, with the right support, it doesn’t need to be overwhelming.


Come up with new ideas and strategies to help you realise your business’s true potential!

Be held accountable with positivity and compassion so you will get the gentle moves you need forward and fears don’t get the better of you this time.


Make small steps to gain giant momentum in your business because with more confidence and encouragement, you’ll be on a roll and we’ll all be cheering you on!


Be part of something intimate and special forget giant Facebook groups where your posts risk getting lost, with only 20 spots available, this is an intimate support club for like-minded women who long for their business to get the attention it deserves. What a treat!

“The Treehouse has been so helpful already, I have a plan in place for June and an offer ready to launch that I wouldn’t have got round to in time otherwise, really recommend it to anyone who is thinking about it.”


Ruth, Kandu Marketing

Treehouse Member

Delivered through access to:

Weekly group video calls lead by me where we can talk specifically about what’s going on in your business right now – the challenges, the wins, everything. Cheer each other on and gain digital marketing tips and feedback specific to your business.


Weekly accountability check-ins so you will stop coming up with excuses and either get stuff done or get better at asking for help.


Monthly training sessions from both myself and fellow experts in their field so you can learn how to overcome your business challenges and grow in confidence as a business owner.

Digital resources, guides and helpful docs so you have a box full of tools to help you craft and implement a profit-boosting marketing strategy.


Monthly planning sessions so you can start each month feeling clear, capable, and ready to conquer your goals!


Bi-monthly challenges to further boost your knowledge and guide your steps in select areas of digital marketing The Treehouse members need most.

“I have found The Treehouse a safe space to share ideas and struggles. The resources provided to support planning are excellent; real time saving support and I love how personalised the help is too.”


Natalia, Clear Desk VA

Treehouse Member


No one needs more
friends who make excuses…

The Treehouse is for women who will do what it takes to see their business thrive, even when fears try to get in the way.


(Yep, we all have them and that’s OK.)


For women who know that running a business is hard,but that refusing to get support doesn’t make things easier…

The Treehouse is for women who are ready to step-up, invest, take action, and celebrate that doing business can be different: fun, supported, REAL!


I love an Insta scroll too, but let’s remember you don’t need everything to be glossy and perfect to show up and connect with your ideal customers.

And you don’t have to have it all together to join us in The Treehouse either.


Running an online business is not an either or situation… 6 figures or failure?! It’s a journey we can enjoy. We learn, we grow, we thrive – first in small ways, then in big ones.


The Treehouse is a space for you to do just that, while having fun with it too.

The Treehouse doors are currently closed.

It will be re-opening in Sept 2019.

To be the first to know when the rope comes down and the doors swing open for new members you can register your interest here. 


Why the 3 month commitment when first joining?
I think its very important that when you join a group like this you need to invest a decent amount of time to see if it’s the right one for you.


Will it be a Facebook Group?
No, this group will be hosted in a platform called Mighty Networks. You can take a look at them here. You can access Mighty Networks on Desktop, iTunes and Google Play Store.


Why Might Networks?
To be honest, I wanted us to have a dedicated space outside of Facebook, one that removes distractions on what it’s our Facebook Feeds, other groups and our business pages. A space for us to focus only on us. 

Can I still be part of the Free Facebook Group too if I join The Treehouse? 
Absolutely, of course. 


Do I just stay a member of The Treehouse for as long as I want? 
Yes, the minimum commitment when first joining is 3 months but after that you can choose to be a member of The Treehouse for as long as you want to. It is a monthly membership group and you can choose which payment option suits your needs. I am fully aware that members of The Treehouse will change as our businesses grow and we move forward. 


Will it always be just 20 members? 
Yes – This is designed to be a small group. If it proves really popular other Treehouses will open but the group size will always be 20 per Treehouse.