The Visibility Den

Be championed, be heard, and be visible!

The Den is now closed to new members until April

If you’re interested in joining in April take a look below to find out all about the group and if you’d like to know when it re-opens pop me an email to

What if building your business didn’t have to feel like such a juggle? If instead of finding yourself flipping between enthusiasm and complete and utter stuck-ness, you were able to keep motivated, keep excited and move your business forward with consistency and ease!

Welcome to The Visibility Den


The Den was created to provide a supportive, encouraging, knowledgable space for small business owners.

A place to help you feel confident with your marketing, to learn how to stop flitting from one activity to another and make a plan that works for you and supports your business goals. A space to help you understand how all the elements of marketing online work together so that you aren’t putting too much reliance on just one channel, helping you say bye to social media fatigue and see a new way, a new way to be visible.

Picture the scene…

⚡️You’ll have dedicated time and space to work on you and your business instead of in it all the time.


⚡️You’ll be blasting through your digital marketing blocks and master marketing planning so you can finally get unstuck in those areas which never get ticked off the to-do list.


⚡️You’ll connect with like-minded business owners who ‘get it’ – business life is a juggle but, with the right support, it doesn’t need to be overwhelming.


⚡️You’ll feel invigorated coming up with new ideas and strategies to help you realise your business’s true potential and most importantly how you’re going to achieve it!

⚡️You’ll be held accountable with positivity and compassion so you will get the gentle moves you need forward and fears don’t get the better of you this time.


⚡️You’ll be taking the steps to gain giant momentum in your business because with more confidence and encouragement, you’ll be on a roll and we’ll all be cheering you on!


⚡️You will be part of something intimate and special forget giant groups where you feel lost and unseen amongst the crowd. This is your place to be visible, this is an intimate support club for like-minded women who long for their business to get the attention it deserves. What a treat!

Your group host…

Hi, I’m Maxine, a digital marketing expert, small business cheerleader and I’m so pleased you’ve found The Visibility Den!

With so many elements of the digital marketing puzzle to consider, I know it can be overwhelming for small business owners trying to do it all. Which is why I’ve created this exclusive space for you to show up authentically and be supported.

Having so many things to think about in business it’s no wonder we end up feeling frazzled and all over the place. I’ve felt like this plenty of times. I also know a lot of it comes from winging it, having no plan or clear goals and basically doing a shed load of stuff without any real intention.

In this group, I want to change that.

I want to help you go from feeling like it’s all too much to feeling in control, with a plan, growing your knowledge day by day so you know the marketing decisions you make are going to lead the places you want.

Bye Bye

no more feeling like there’s too much.


Winging it always 
you’ll be focused and more in control.


Not knowing
you’ll wake up each day knowing what you’re focusing on for your marketing.

What members say

“After completing the visibility challenge with Maxine, I couldn’t believe how much more laser focused I was on planning content for my business. When she opened up The Visibility Den I didn’t hesitate to join. Maxine gives such great individual advice to everyone in the group even though we’re all in different businesses.
It’s one of the best things I’ve ever signed up for and can’t wait to learn more from Maxine and get support from her. It’s a really friendly, great place to be to learning about digital marketing.”

Anne Murphy

Domesblissity & The Blog Coach

“The Visibility Den has been so helpful already, I have a plan in place for the month and an offer ready to launch that I wouldn’t have got round to in time otherwise, really recommend it to anyone who is thinking about it.”

Ruth Buckingham

Kandu Marketing

“I have found The Visibility Den a safe space to share ideas and struggles. The resources provided to support planning are excellent; real time saving support and I love how personalised the help is too.”

Natalia Sanders

Clear Desk VA

Take a look inside the Den

Weekly Accountability and CEO Time

The time has come to stop coming up with excuses and either get stuff done or get better at asking for help. Plus you can start looking at what’s working in your marketing by keeping track of your stats.

Weekly Motivational Monday Lives 

To kickstart our week the right way join me with your favourite cuppa and we will set our intention for the week, I’ll give you tips on handling your to-do list and we’ll look at the actionable steps you need to end the week on the high you want.

Monthly training sessions from myself or fellow experts in their field

I know many super amazing experts covering topics such as legal, branding, websites, social media advertising and more.I want to help you learn how to overcome your business challenges and grow in confidence as a business owner.

Bi-Weekly group video calls lead by me


We can talk specifically about what’s going on in your business right now – the challenges, the wins, everything. You will get specific advice, feedback from myself and your fellow group call members.

Members Hot Seat every month

An opportunity to come on for a hot seat and talk specifically live one to one with me about your particular challenge.

Exclusive Members Resource Hub

Outside of the Facebook Group there is an exclusive members hub where you can access all the resources and guides I sell in my shop and use with my one to one clients PLUS access to my Digital Stars Academy Course, where you can do learning in your own time on specific digital topics like Google Analytics, SEO, Email Marketing and more.

Monthly Review & Planning Sessions

It’s important we check in with how your month has been, how your marketing has performed so you can make better and more informed decisions for the month ahead. Once we’ve done our review we will have a planning session so that you start each month feeling clear, capable, and ready to conquer your goals!

“Hmmm, is The Visibility Den for me?”

Are you fed up of throwing all your time and effort into marketing you business solely on social media?

Are you wanting to have on-going support and gain the knowledge and confidence that there are other ways to get seen online?

The Visibility Den is for you if:

  • Who want to show up in your own way to thrive in your marketing, even when fears try and stop you. (Yep, we all have them, and that’s OK).
  • You know that running a business is hard work, but refusing to get support doesn’t make things any easier…
  • You are ready to step-up, invest, take action, and celebrate that doing marketing and business can be different: it can be fun, supported, REAL!

Running an online business is not an either or situation…that 6 figures chat or failure?! It’s a journey we can enjoy. We learn, we grow, we thrive – first in small ways, then in big ones.

The Visibility Den is a space for you to do all the above, while having fun too.

So, if this is you – Come and join us!


Got some questions? Let me help

Who is The Visibility Den for?
It’s for female small business owners who want to stop winging it and start living it with their marketing. Business owners who want to get focused each month on their activities, learn how to market their business and reduce the overwhelm of trying to do all the things or putting too much heart into one marketing activity alone.


Do I just stay a member of The Visibility Den for as long as I want?
You can choose to be a member of The Visibility Den for as long as you want to. I am fully aware that members of The Visibility Den will change as our businesses grow and we move forward.


What happens when my 1 month offer ends?
At the end of your £10.00 month your subscription will automatically change to the standard monthly price of £35.00 per month unless you cancel.



How big is the group?
This is designed to be a small intimate group so that I can provide the focused and individual help within the group as and when needed, we’re currently a cosy group, but I will be putting a cap on the group when it feels like I couldn’t provide the extra help I want to.


How are the payments taken?
Payments are taken by PayPal and will be taken automatically on a recurring monthly basis.


What happens if I want to cancel?
Firstly, I’ll be super sad, of course, but if you want to cancel please email me at and I will organise your cancellation. 

Do I get a refund if I cancel?
There won’t be any refunds issued for cancelations in a month, you will have access to the group until the month ends and after cancelling no more payments will be taken from your account.