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Reading for a growth spurt?

You’ve already experienced the thrill of seeing parents and little ones enjoying your products and services. Now, it’s time to expand and share what you do with even more families.

Getting started in business is huge. There’s so much to think about and so many different digital strategies to put in place to ensure those first purchases.

Then, just when you feel like you’ve cracked it…

You realise you need to change your approach: its time to grow.

If you want to make the most of your online presence and help your family-focused business reach more people, I’m here to help you with tailor-made digital marketing services to match your business vision:



A business website is probably one of the biggest investments you made when you launched. If not in costs, then in time you spent building it yourself. Getting your website right is crucial for presenting your brand in the best light and directing parents to buy.

I want to help you ensure your website is not only gorgeous, but easy-to-use, mobile-friendly and search engine optimised. I’m experienced in creating websites that have all the important elements to make great – no wait, make that FABULOUS – parent-attracting business sites.

Website Audit

Get fresh eyes on your website anc check that it’s in perfect shape. This audit is ideal for those who built their website themselves and would like professional feedback to guide any adjustments to help attract more customers and boost sales.

What's included with a Website Audit?

Full Audit of your website looking at functionality, design, responsiveness and load speeds
– to ensure you’re not infuriating site browsers and sending them elsewhere.

Analysis using Google Analytics – to see where your site is working and where it needs to work.

Recommendation Report of all findings and how to make improvements – so you know exactly what to do next to make the most of your website.


INVESTMENT – £255.00


SEO Health Check

Search Engine Optimisation is the most important way for your business to get found in search engines. Effective SEO work allows your business to show up in search listings for relevant terms and keywords used by your audience

This health check examines your sites SEO and highlights areas for improvement, helping ensure you get listed for the things your ideal parent buyers are searching for.

What do you look at with my SEO?

Service Based Business:

Review of your 5 website pages
– so no elements of your SEO are overlooked.

Analysis using Google Analytics and Google Search Console – ensuring you get the latest insight from the search engines.

Recommendation Report of all findings and how to make SEO improvements (including keywords and page content suggestions) – so you know exactly what to do next to boost your appearance in search listings.

90 minute Skype Session – so we can discuss the findings and make sure you understand exactly how to implement the feedback.




Online Store Business:

Review of your main 5 website pages
 and 5 individual Product Pages– so no elements of your SEO are overlooked.

Analysis using Google Analytics and Google Search Console – ensuring you get the latest insight from the search engines.

Recommendation Report of all findings and how to make SEO improvements (including keywords and page content suggestions) – so you know exactly what to do next to boost your appearance in search listings.

2 x hour Skype Session – so we can discuss the findings and make sure you understand exactly how to implement the feedback.






Are these right for me?

Building a gorgeous website, that sells, takes expertise and TIME. If you spent hours creating your website yourself (or perhaps you invested a lot of money in it) you probably don’t want to do the same again to update it.

As an experienced web designer and digital marketer, I am here to save you that “oh so precious” time when trying to figure out how to improve your site. Removing the guesswork completely.

Perfect if: your website has been working for you up to this point but you want some hints and tips on how to refresh it, boost traffic, and make it work even better for you.

Service: SEO Audit

Super! You really know your stuff! Not sure your team are as competent as you though! hahaha You make it so simple to understand, it’s so nice to work with a small brand like you to feel the personal touch, rather than working with a big agency. I’m sure we will work together again!



Social Media

You’ve started to get the hang of social media. You’re proud of the community you’ve grown (small or big) and you enjoy the thrill of getting your brand recognised, “liked” and shared. But, you want to grow it further and increase your engagement which results in more sales.

I’m here to help you maximise the use of the social media platforms best suited to your brand. My social media services bring expert digital marketing to your channels so you gain confidence in your content strategy.

Follow Me

You’ve been using Social Media for a while on various platforms and you’ve grown but not half as much as you’d like to. You love engaging with potential customers (when it happens) but you want more! This service gives you a chance to focus on social media as part of your overarching business strategy and ensure it is in line with your target customers and your brand vision.

This is where Digital Bon Bons can really help you achieve your goals and become a social media star!


Look to find out what "Follow Me" includes:

Full social media audit of up to 3 profiles
– this examines your engagement, followers, posting schedule analytics, brand identity and current content to pinpoint where you can strengthen your output.

Recommendations Report on findings and how to make improvement– so you know exactly what to do next to make the most of your social media channels

2hr Skype Strategy Planning Session– so you have a strong, ready-to-implement plan of action for the next six months.


INVESTMENT – £560.00





You love the Gram, but at the minute it feels like it’s not loving you back. You’re posting but somehow engagement has dropped and you’re feeling deflated with it all. Well DON’T I say. Do not lose faith in what you’re doing. Let’s work together, have a look at your platform and see what’s working and what isn’t. Together we can build a strategy for you to fall back in love with it again and reach the audience you want.


Let's take a look at what "Insta-PLAN" involves:

Instagram Workbook – you will be sent an Instagram Workbook asking questions about your current challenges, ideas and goals.

2 x hours audit – to access your instagram profile, it’s current performance and statistics.

Strategy Building – Using your workbook and the audit I will start to create your strategy for you and a plan of action to take forward for your Instagram Marketing.

90 x min Skype Session – This is our Skype Session to look over the strategy document and form a plan of action, talk through the ideas and how to achieve them.


INVESTMENT – £280.00




Is this for me?

If you’re finding social media a hard slog, or perhaps you enjoy ‘getting social’ but aren’t confident you’re doing it ‘right’ – a fresh pair of eyes is just what you need. I want you to feel excited by your social media channels and confident in the direction you are taking them. Plus, I want you to know you are reaching you social goals and seeing sales come in as a result.

Perfect if: you want to grow your social media following with confidence and get recognised for quality content that resonates with your target customer.

Service: ‘Follow Me’ Social Media

“Absolutely loved working with you and was very impressed with the analysis that you did. Comprehensive and very well laid out making it easy to interpret and understand. Your ideas were also invaluable and have really opened my eyes to what I can achieve using different methods.”



Email Marketing

Are your email marketing campaigns leaving you flat and confused? Winning customers directly from their inbox is a powerful yet complex process. Parents are bombarded with all sorts of marketing messages every day, and with little time to decipher what’s worth their precious time – you need to stand out and be heard.

If you’ve got a mailing list ready and waiting to hear from you, let’s work together to make sure the content you share with them is crafted to work to your advantage and boost sales. Then, let’s grow that list to increase your profits further!

Growing your List

You’ve been running campaigns for a while now and don’t see the opens and click-throughs you dream of. Conversions aren’t getting higher anytime fast either. It’s time for an email marketing audit!

With this service, I will look at exactly what you are doing with your email marketing campaigns so for and examine the results of those campaigns. I will chat to you about your current strategy and the challenges you’re facing – together we’ll make sure it all ‘clicks’ together to work for you in new ways.


Let's Grow Your List!

Audit of your last 6 email campaigns– so I can get a full understanding of your content and campaign results.

Recommendation Report of all findings and how to make improvements– so you know exactly what to do next to make the most of your email communications.

1hr Skype Session to discuss report findings– to ensure you know what’s been working and what hasn’t with your email marketing and most importantly to make sure you are confidence with where to take it next.


INVESTMENT – £250.00




Is this for me?

Are you sick of wondering what you’re doing wrong when it comes to email marketing? Perhaps you feel completely overwhelmed by the thought of growing your list and boosting conversion… Don’t worry, I’m here to offer expertise in an easy-to-digest way you can understand. I not only want to ensure your campaigns perform better for your business, I want you to grow in confidence so you can make each email shine with ease.

Perfect if: you have an email list but you’re not sure how to effectively convert readers into buyers, and the thought of working it out alone is exhausting!


Digital Strategy

Achieving the business success you dream of relies on more than fantastic products or services. Online business success requires perseverance and strategy. A strategy which incorporates a full range of digital marketing activities (including your website, social media marketing, and email campaigns).

With my background in corporate digital marketing, I have seen just how quickly a business can grow with an effective digital strategy. Now, I want to help you craft a digital strategy that leads more parents to your business and in-turn boost your sales!

Digital Strategy Mini Session

Get ready to enjoy a comprehensive plan of action for your online marketing activities. Together we will look at the different elements of the marketing mix and how they can be used to increase cross platform promotion to your audience.


Click to find out what we'll cover in the Skype Session

2-hour audit of your online presence (website, social media, and email marketing) – to get a full understanding of your current digital output and where/how you can improve.

You’ll be given a Digital Strategy Workbook which includes ‘Questions To Get You Thinking’ about your business and your digital objectives.

2-hour Skype Session in which we will: look at the importance of having a strategy, discuss my audit findings, form a plan of action together and look at a planning template you can use again and again.


INVESTMENT – £165.00

PROJECT TIMESCALE – 4 hours total



Is this for me?

I get it, the full digital marketing mix is a lot to take on for a business. There are so many different aspects to consider (web, social, email) and trying to improve and grow with your business can be overwhelming. I am here to offer professional insight and make creating a profitable digital strategy straight-forward.

Perfect if: you are looking for a comprehensive overview of how your business is performing online and how to make improvements that will increase your sales.

Getting to Grips with Google Analytics

Google is THE most popular search engine in the world and it provides some fantastic free platforms to give you insight into how your customers behave online. This is brilliant as it can help inform your marketing decision and planning.

Google Analytics is one of these platforms but to the native eye it can make your brain hurt. Some many stats and data to look and and understand that it’s hard to know which analytics can really be useful to you and what ones can really help.


Click here to see what the training includes:


This training session is designed to help with all the above. It is done via Skype at 1 hr sessions and I’ll be sharing my screen with you so I can walk you through it step by step.

* Skype Session 1 – What is Google Analytics and why does it matter?

* Skype Session 2 – Getting to know your Google Analytics

* Skype Session 3 – How to create your own dashboards & pull reports

* Skype Session 4 – Making it work for your business


INVESTMENT – £250.00

PROJECT TIMESCALE – 4 hours total



Is this for me?

The better understanding you have of your potential customers the easier it is to tailor your digital marketing to convert them into paying customers. Google Analytics is there to provide insight into how the parents you target are interacting on and off your website – it’s digital marketing gold!

Perfect if: you are eager to understand the world of search engine optimisation and web analytics, but you’ve no idea where to start! I’m here to virtually hold your hand as you learn.

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