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Working with amazing businesses and helping them achieve their goals and face their challenges is what it’s all about!

: The Pacifier – Power Hour Session

Maxine is absolutely brilliant at what she does – a straight-talking coach, creative expert and laser focused when it comes to digital marketing. Maxine takes her time to understand your business and where you want to get to, as well as getting to know you as a person so that she can make suggestions that are the best for you. Whenever I’ve had a conversation with Maxine I always leave it feeling empowered and like I can conquer anything!

Owner – Power of Parent

: Digital Strategy “Mini” Session

“Brilliant. You were so helpful and gave practical, easy to implement solutions to problems. It also gave me a confidence boost and I felt that you understood the brand and what our values are, whilst giving me tips which will lead to results.

I feel like [my challenges] are all achievable and have been broken down into smaller chunks which I can implement. Thank you for such a positive experience which was super friendly whilst being professional. Thanks Maxine! x”

Owner – Nursery Edit

: SEO Audit

“Thank you so much for all of this – I really appreciate it and am so thankful for your insights and knowledge! I already know my site is going to be much better, content-wise and from an SEO perspective. Can’t wait to make the changes.

You also really inspired me about speaking TO my client through my posts and content. Today’s post was very much talking to the client and it felt so much better! So thank you for that, too!”

Owner – Hello Baby Brighton


Service: Getting Started Digital Strategy Session

“I really enjoyed the session, and found it very useful and informative. I liked how it taught me the tools required so that I could learn and apply them myself, rather than just giving me a set of instructions to follow without understanding them. Working with you was a delight, I found you put me at ease quickly and took plenty of time answering my questions. “

Owner – Rumpuspuss

Service: Virtual Digital Marketing Manager – Social Media Management

“Maxine is wonderful to work with. I feel DBB have given me an excellent platform to be able continue my business’s social media strategy and growth. “

Owner – Baby Find Me


Service: Website Design & Build

“You were incredibly helpful and full of ideas as well as making me feel like I still had input! I love the end result and am looking forward to watching my business grow!”

Owner – Music Mayhem

Service: ‘Follow Me’ Social Media

“A pleasure from start to finish.  Maxine came up with a comprehensive analysis of my social media accounts and a great plan for how to take it forward.”

Owner & Massage Therapist

Service: Digital Strategy ‘Mini’ Session

“I really enjoyed working with Maxine. It was great to be able to have a very experienced person to get feedback and tips moving forward from and to bounce ideas and thoughts back and forward. I thought the whole project was managed very well and all your input was clear and well documented. Thanks so much for travelling all the way to Brighton and to be extra generous with the time available during our one to one session.”

Owner – Music Carousel

: Branding & Website Design and Build

I LOVE my new website and its so easy to use. I am really glad you recorded your how-to session as I’ve gone back to it several times to refresh myself on details of how to do stuff. I loved working with you – You are easy to talk to, responsive, and got what I wanted straight away.

Owner – Brand New Mum

: The Pacifier – Power Hour Session

It was fantastic. I could tell you really understood my brand, and the sort of thing I was trying to tackle through social media. It was like talking to a friend, but a friend who really knows what they are talking about!
I feel really positive..with lots of ideas for moving things forward. I feel I can focus in on a couple of key things that will really help to plan my schedule and develop my content. Thank you so much for the chance to work with you.

Owner – Little Folk Tales

: Insta-PLAN – Strategy Session


“Maxine, you’re an absolute pleasure to work with me! You’ve continually made me feel at ease and have been able to shine a new light on my Instagram strategy in a way that makes total sense. Never making me feel bad for not having figured it out myself sooner.”


Owner – Share the Joy Media

: Digital Strategy ‘Mini’ Session

“The project was detailed, thorough, clear and concise.
The work book was great and helped you really think about your business, which can be hard sometimes when you are so close to it. Taking a step back made me analyse everything, and not over complicate things.
The Skype session was fantastic, it is so nice to be able to chat and see the person you are working with, you are very friendly and make the session relaxed and fun.I feel much more confident and prepared, I have a structure and loads of tips and tricks to help me!
It was awesome x”

Owner – Mini and Me Maternity

: “Getting Started” Digital Strategy Session

“Really helpful. Super organised and focused, which helped me enormously. [Made me realise] that what I do, the actions I take, are manageable and preplanned, and that reduces the fear factor of starting up hugely!”

Owner – Totter & Tumble

: “Getting Started” Digital Strategy Session

“I really enjoyed it and found out some really useful tips that I have put into place. Maxine got in touch not long after I first made contact and from after looking at the Instagram page and then the website I just knew I wanted to work with her!”

Owner – Milk N Fizz

Service: Digital Strategy ‘Mini’ Session

“I think the project has boosted my confidence. Maxine has helped me to realise that I am actually doing okay. The suggestions she made are easy to implement and I know will make a big difference.”

Owner – Oglee Poglee

Service: SEO Audit

“Super! You really know your stuff! Not sure your team are as competent as you though! hahaha You make it so simple to understand, it’s so nice to work with a small brand like you to feel the personal touch, rather than working with a big agency. I’m sure we will work together again!”

Owner – Entreprenursery

Service: ‘Follow Me’ Social Media

“Absolutely loved working with you and was very impressed with the analysis that you did. Comprehensive and very well laid out making it easy to interpret and understand. Your ideas were also invaluable and have really opened my eyes to what I can achieve using different methods.”

Owner – Prenderland Books

Service: Branding & Logo

“The project went extremely smoothly and ran to time – I think it was even complete a day early, which was great. It was fantastic to work with you. From the start, I felt as though you took the time to really understand my business and what I was trying to achieve with the new branding. I’m so pleased with the final result and I now feel as though my website is a true reflection of me and my business. Love it!”

Blogger – Mums off Duty

Service: Digital Strategy ‘Mini’ Session

“Maxine talked through things in a clear, logical manner and didn’t mind stupid questions. She highlighted the positives which is always good for morale and gave pointers on things that could be improved or changed. “

Nutritionist & Blogger – LEC Nutrition

Service: ‘Sign Up Here’ Email Marketing

“Maxine is really professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with. She advised on what needed improving and how to structure and plan better strategically going forward. I would highly recommend Digital Bon Bons to anyone who may need some help with any digital marketing.”

Owner – Tommy & Lottie

Service: Digital Marketing Makeover

“We are so much better informed and have hugely enjoyed working closely with Maxine…..thank you so very much, we are eternally grateful for your time and hours upon hours of work!”

Louise & Kate
Owners – Craft + Crumb


Service: Digital Strategy ‘Mini’ Session

“Loved working with you! Your super friendly approach and in depth knowledge of Love Island was a winner! But, more seriously – sometimes digital services can be a tad patronising and confusing and I loved your down to earth advice and approach. It was a bit like getting some really excellent advice from a great mum friend in the coffee shop. I think the dual screen way of working is really valuable and the whole session felt very productive and packed with info.”

Owner – Ninery